Travel Tips #momhacks

As a mother who is obsessed with all things ‘mommy’, I have come to realise how many parents/mothers are so frightened to travel with children. Remotely for the reason that it may be a tough journey, it is hard, they’re not sure how to deal with it. It’s also particularly for that reason, that I see many people in the Romanian culture not taking their kids whilst young on vacations, preferring to either stay home for the first ten summers after they have a child or leave the children with a nanny/grandparents and go on holiday without their little counterparts. My opinions aside, I or should I say we – me and my husband, have never and have agreed to never leave our children behind when we go on a vacation (until they become teenagers of course and then make the choice to not come with us). Purely because as a couple that travel A LOT, we believe that travel is education – the beauty is not just waiting for you at the destination, but it is also within the travel itself. Children become who they are from their experiences and I am a strong believer that if you are blessed enough to visit other parts of our beautiful world then when they view it too, it benefits and educates their tiny souls in more ways than we can imagine. In our family, we LOVE the journey, and I’m truly not exaggerating here, it’s one of our favourite parts of all the countries we go to and some of the best memories we have, have been made on the journeys. If I really had to give you a sincere con with travelling with babies, it is the amount of baggage you have to carry, or so the amount it seems that you do. Then again, we have two babies, double the trouble. So without further ado, let me bullet point my top tips for you in order to keep your travel as smooth going as possible.

  • BACKPACKS – these are a sacred must, each of us has a backpack, easier to carry on our backs, for long haul walks through airports, the weight is evenly distributed, it avoids bag slipping, and you can even get trendy, sturdy backpacks if you’re a fashionista.
  • BABY WEARING – Boy oh boy, we would not have survived all those countries without our baby carriers. Ergonomic of course for healthy baby hips, comfortable and it means your hands are free. The way we do it, is one baby each and that’s basically where they stay for most of our journeys. Sincerely, I’m not sure either of us remember life without a baby carrier. Purchase yours today by clicking the link HEREIf you need to know more about carriers, which is the best for you and all about ergonomic carriers, then you can take a browse through my previous posts, or you can click HERE
  • ORGANIZATION – in those backpacks you’re carrying around, make sure you know what is where and in which compartment, making life a ton easier when you need to whip out some diapers or some water.
  • CRYING BABIES – if you’re waiting in a line at security, or any line for that matter of fact and your baby starts crying. Don’t panic, in fact try soothing your baby in your usual way because any ways chances are people will let you go first and then you can get your baby sorted out. It’s a win/win for both you and your baby. Ps. Don’t tell anyone I said that.
  • EASY CLOTHING – here’s the thing, all these people that travel so super trendy with nice normal clothes and accessories etc. FORGET THAT. A simple tracksuit, that’s comfortable, easy to open if breastfeeding, easy to sit and run and carry and sweat and cool down in. Ok, that’s gross, but you get my point. I mean anyways tracksuits, sweatpants etc. are so in nowadays, so if you’re reading this blog post and it’s 2017, then you’re in luck, grab yourself a new travelling outfit.
  • BABY CLOTHING – dress them in light, cotton layers, that are also easily breathable and don’t over layer them like dumplings on your buffet plate. If you’re babywearing, they’ll have your body heat anyways and if they’re in the pram, a nice comfortable tracksuit/other outfits plus a blanket will do the trick. When they’re hot they’ll kick it off, when they’re not they’ll snuggle in. Much easier than taking a jacket on and off.
  • SAY NO TO THE WHEELS – avoid trying to take a pram on the flight, it ends up being a hassle and if it is a low cost flight you’ll end up watching your pram in the middle of nowhere near the plane wondering if it’ll even make it to your destination. If you can, check the pram in and pick it up on the other side. If you don’t have a carrier, or baby prefers the pram then learn to open and close it with one hand if travelling alone.
  • SNACKS – I know many moms are against food bribery, I’m all about food bribery, just keep it healthy and you won’t have a problem.
  • TOYS – pack a multitude of SMALL toys that are also light in weight in contrast to one big toy. Once baby gets bored of that one big toy, then what are you going to do? Small toys can be constantly rotated through the journey keeping baby occupied when needed.
  • BOOKS – a couple of light weight books is always a good thing to bring. Raising baby bibliophiles in our family means that we never go anywhere without books.
  • CHILL– just always go AHEAD of time compared to other passengers who travel without babies, that way you’ll never be in a rush and you can go at the pace of your family. The most important advice I can give a mama friend out there is to stay relaxed. I’m at my most relaxed when I travel and my babies feel that vibe, so luckily they’re just as relaxed when travelling too. These experiences are always fun so as long as you empathise with them and fulfill their needs, you’ll have the sweetest baby jetsetters to accompany you on your journey. GUARANTEED. 

So pack your bags, pack your babies and enjoy the ride!

Baby jetsetters 

So, we made it! As the time ticked by Thursday night and Ayan just couldn’t/wouldn’t sleep, I began to feel as though the whole trip would end up in a serious meltdown situation. However, although running on 0 sleep we managed to backpack, our belongings, front pack our kids, not forget anything and get to England all in one piece. Thank God for that. 

I’m not exactly sure how much time I will have to blog whilst exactly on the trip, two babies, catch up with the family, outings, shopping, legalities. I have on the other hand been documenting with videos + pics to fill you in on my days over here and of course one of the most important celebrations – my BIRTHDAY

For now, here are some snaps of Aryana on her first flight and Ayan of course. 

Packing my s*#t

Tomorrow we go to ENGLAND. That therefore means today I’m a headless, exhausted chicken. It’s precisely 23.11pm neaaarly everything is done, hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything, if I have I’ll most likely blame it on my husband because truly, that’s what they’re their for. I still have to tidy up the house, although I did spend the whole day cleaning it in the first place, how does it get so messy?!?! My right boob hurts so I’m praying I don’t get mastitis again. Note to self: must not forget PUMP. 

It’s Aryana’s first flight tomorrow and our first flight as a four, I wonder how it will go? So far, so good, however, ‘the calm before the storm’ keeps running through my head. Anyways I better run and see if I manage to get some sleep. Must wear make up tomorrow so I don’t scare other passengers with my scary eye bags. Must remember pump. Must not panic. Must not try to miss Cliffy every few minutes. Must get at least a couple of hours sleep if I can before I go. 

Oh yeah, the flight is at 6. This should be fun. Catch you later on the blog DEFINITELY with a coffee as I’ll be on the plane. But until then take a browse at my first birthday cake of this year. Those who know me know that I always for some reason without fail end up with more than one cake. This one was from my mini- dinner party at my in laws. Truly spoilt, dinner, cake + present wise. 

Yours truly, momma of 3 who needs to get off her phone and catch some sleep. 

Tip Top Toddler Travel Tips.

Travelling has become a normality in may people’s lives, whether that’s crossing one side of the city to the other, or crossing from one continent to another, we all travel to various places all for various reasons. It has become such an every day aspect compared to say, 150 years ago thanks to our ever growing education, techonology, opportunies, and of course awesome prices and costs at which we can travel nowadays.

However, one thing I come across so often since I became a mother is the hesitancy to travel with a baby/toddler. Hesitant, not because parents don’t want to, but because, they don’t know how. As I travel with Ayan a lot (he has never gone a day or night without me -should I be proud of that or not?) I put together a VLOG with my top 5 travel tips with a toddler. If you got anymore to add? Comment them to me and let me know! O X O X O


Sunshine on a rainy day 

Today in Cluj-Napoca it is raining. The skies are vast and grey, the streets peaceful and quiet and as Ayan and Cliffy take their afternoon nap, only the pitter-patter of the raindrops against the windows can be heard throughout the house. Although it is a rainy day, today it is more than welcomed. It takes me back to England and I feel as though I am there. The shadows across the house, the darkness of the day and the cozy sensation is of being indoors is a rare moment for us. I’ll make some cocoa for Ayan and maybe we’ll bake some cookies together, meanwhile, if you guys are missing the sun, here’s a little bit of footage which takes us back to Sunny  S I B I U, the fountains, the warmth on our backs, a beautiful town center and of course little Ayan, the Centre of joy. So on this rainy day, make yourself something warm to drink and let me take you back to a sunnier spot with sunshine and babies 🌞 Enjoy! 

Baby on the go, go, go! 

This is my first blog post in forever, the reason? We (the Moldovan family) have just arrived back from a few weeks of mini travels, more specifically: Romania – England – France – England – Back to RO. It was seriously a super great time, what made it even more enjoyable is that I have a baby who LOVES to travel. Many ask me how I take him out? Does he unsettle? How do we manage? Is it still an enjoyable trip? Therefore I felt a blog post on my baby jet setter was a must! 

My baby is 3 months old (13 weeks & 5 Days to be exact) and at such a young sweet age has been in 3 countries so far and has already travelled on planes, ferries, buses, cabs, trains, cars… You name it, he’s travelled in it. 

The main thing with travel and babies is get them used to it. If a child is used to traveling from a young age it helps in so many ways, as they know none the less therefore,

  • They behave better when traveling 
  • Traveling doesn’t make them ill in anyway as they have built up a travel immunity 
  • They don’t get intimidated by modes of transport 
  • Instead of finding babysitters or never going on vacation again, you can enjoy everything you did beforehand but this time round with your children

We took our little bubblebutt out for the first time when he was only 5 Days Old! It was a short walk (15 min. Max.) but that’s where it all began, since then I’ve made sure that I take him out every single day whether it’s a run to the shops in the car or a quick walk around the block. 

Our transportation method essential: SILVER CROSS PRAM. 

For me Silver Cross is the pram of all prams (they actually INVENTED the pram) used by royal families worldwide and the sole pram brand used by the British Royal family for centuries, I can tell you that it really does live up to its name! It’s versatile, light, sturdy and easy to use. 

Quick Snap of our pram with matching car seat (that you can put on the chassis instead of the pram seat which is super helpful) 

My little baby Ayan Gabriel just before his first walk at 5 days old. 

So, the things I NEVER leave my house without (and yes I cram all these in my handbag if I’m not in the mood to take the diaper bag out) 

  • Diapers (take as many as is appropriate according to the duration of your trip & extra!)
  • Pack of wipes (I just take a full pack of huggies wipes, it’s like my Favourite wipe brand ever!) 
  • Change of clothes (baby’s get MESSY! I know this seems obvious but believe me even I’ve forgotten before!) 
  • Bibs 
  • Dummies/ soothers (I literally walk around with about 4/5 sterilized fresh ones in my bag, this is due to the fact that my son doesn’t really use them but when he does he only does so for short periods of time and then will projectile spit them out his mouth! Hence he goes through about 3 dummies on average on every trip.
  • Bottle of milk (I exclusively breastfeed therefore it’s not a major worry if I forget this, HOWEVER, I still always try 99% of the time to pump a bottle of milk for when I go out. This is personally due to the fact that although I cover with a blanket if I do end up breastfeeding whilst out, it’s just so much fuss and hassle. Also sometimes it’s just needed for quick emergency feeds! Like the time when Ayan started screaming at the top of his lungs for milk whilst we were going through security at the airport – it was literally impossible to whip it all out and breastfeed him at that moment, thank God I had a bottle!) 
  • Toy (which baby doesn’t love toys) 
  • Book 
  • Blanket (such an essential when you have a baby – comfort, warmth, feeding reasons, just never leave the house without a blankie!) 

As you can see I have the Silver Cross diaper bag matching to the pram and car seat.

TIPS for traveling with baby and ensuring a smooth trip (whether it’s to the mall or a flight abroad) 

  • Make the trip both fun and a positive experience for baby. 
  • Keep baby interested in what’s around him/her, talk to your child and keep them constantly involved. (For me shopping trips are not only a time where I constantly speak to my baby but a great time and place to teach baby about foods, shopping etc. Etc. They really stay engaged and before you know it you’re boring grocery shopping trip is actually super fun!) 
  • If it’s the time for baby to be in the pram don’t teach baby otherwise by taking him/her out just because they are crying and want out. Instead a great method is to try and present them a toy or speak with them, whilst they are still in the pram, this way they learn to behave and not want to be carried at all times, they also learn that it is important for them to be in the pram at certain times most of the time a baby will cry because they feel left out but will soon stop if played with and showed a little bit of attention.)
  • Another method which we take to is when Ayan cries (as he wants to be carried) we take him out until he stops then put him back in. We do this repeatedly until eventually he stops crying. This is also a great method as we hate letting our baby cry but at the same time we don’t want to spoil him for the future. Therefore he learns that there’s nothing to be frightened of in being put down and that his parents are still with him at all times. 
  • Involve baby in everything, like mentioned before, I always speak to Ayan about what I’m doing, when at a restaurant I take him out the pram and include him in conversation at the table whilst waiting for food. I’m a strong believer in showing a child love, affection, attention and respect will enable that child to be a loving well behaved child! 

These are my main travel essentials, items and tips for baby and me. Of course not every outing is perfect but until now whilst traveling with Ayan who is 3 months, it’s so far, so good! And makes traveling as Familia Moldovan a pleasurable experience each and every time! 

Ayans’ first flight at 4 weeks old. LONDON – CLUJ

A stroll with daddy. 

CLUJ – LONDON, Business Lounge, 2 months 3 weeks old! 

ENGLAND (DOVER) – FRANCE (CALAIS) by FerryBoat, 3 months Old! Keeping him distracted with YouTube videos on the bus to Citè de Europe! 

LONDON – CLUJ, sleepy baby until home!