What not to say to a pregnant woman – PART 2

If you’ve been keeping up with the flow, then you will remember that what now seems like a loooooong time ago, I uploaded my V L O G on what NOT TO SAY TO A PREGNANT WOMAN.  For those of you that enjoyed it, then here below I have posted PART 2 of the vlog and for those of you who simply have no idea of what  I am talking about, then click the link below and you will find out all the do’s and dont’s of what to say and what not to say to a pregnant woman. Enjoy!

WEEK 29 + 30

Okay this is going to be a super quick update for my blog readers who are wondering where the hell I have dissappeared to. Sincerely, I have NO IDEA  where the past two weeks have gone, I know that sounds so bad, but really when I look into my diary, during week 29 I did A LOT and that is with no exaggeration, then during week 30 I spent my time feeling nearly the worst I’ve felt in many years (no it wasn’t the flu or anything) I had this strange pain in the back of my nexk, not blood pressure, that went through my shoulders and crippled me from either seeing. Still don’t know what it was, baby seemed all fine, however, I am sooo glad that it’s all over now. So as a recap, I generally can’t put a detailed source of what had/has happened the past two weeks, as it has just flown by, however, let’s have a look at where we have arrived size wise etc. for week 30.

I actually went for a scan at week 30, and found out my little darling is already weighing in at 3.3lbs! A chunky little monkey like daddy (as my MIL tells me). Baby is already heads down, and was doing some kind of aerobics as I watched in real time on the 4D scan (the only picture I caught baby was actually holding it’s foot to it’s head, so cute). I’m taking it as a sign that I’m doing a pretty good time at baking this baby because head circumference was measuring at 31 weeks + although I definitely cannot be that far along in the pregnancy, so we took it that little one is just prepping for the grand exit. Apart from that, all seems good and fingers crossed everything stays good, healthy and happy! And how was I feeling? Well TIRED for one, the slightest things exhaust me now, yet I am very proud of the fact that I am still incredibly active and I’m trying to keep my energy intact so I don’t get lazy – although who can be lazy with a toddler? I also have taken another break from the gym as it just wasn’t really working out for me, however, I will be be back soon. Until then I’m just ‘enjoying’ time off by actually keeping physically so busy at home, I have SO MUCH to do and so little time.

So yes, for those of you who may have thought I fell off the planet earth, I didn’t I was actually just trying to survive week 30, thankfully now I am back in form and I hope that I don’t have to experience something like that again! Oh and that cute littel 3D scan you see up there, yep that’s right, that sure is baby Moldovan #2! 🙂

Dealing with body changes during pregnancy.

One thing that I’m sure A L L of us go through at some stage during our pregnancy is self-consciousness. Many of us (including me) find that at some point we begin to feel ‘fat’, ‘ugly’ and we find that at some point we love ourselves a little less – this, followed by guilt because of course we should be ecstatic about the fact that we are lucky to get pregnant and experience something so beautiful in the first place. Considering I’m onto my second pregnancy now, I didn’t think I’d have those feelings again, yet mid – second trimester, there I was wondering why I had got pregnant, because I was just so ‘fat’ again. Looking through all the ‘perfect’ pregnant women on my instagram my only thoughts were ‘why do I not look like that?’. How are all these women growing with grace and glowing beauty and where the hell is MY glow?? So anyways, I spent about a quarter of this pregnancy NOT taking pictures of myself with the belief that I didn’t look graceful and beautiful, I almost stopped taking care of myself, going to gym, doing my make-up etc. And so the downward spiral began…

Then one night after putting my toddler to bed, I was walking around in underwear and one of my husband’s t-shirts, obviously no make up and hair piled in a bird’s nest on top of my head when all of a sudden, my husbad turned round and told me I was the most beautiful woman in the world. I’m sure he’s said this before but it was truly the first time in a long time I actually heard him. That night after taking a long look at myself in the mirror I thought ‘what am I doing to myself? Yes, I have all these flaws, but they are because I am growing another child, a symbol of our love, what can be more beautiful than that.’ And that was the click, since that night I decided to start doing little things, little adjustments in order to make myself feel beautiful again. I may not look anything like I did 6/7 months ago, yet for sure if I dedicate just a little bit of time to myself everyday then in feeling beautiful, I am acting beautiful and therefore I AM BEAUTIFUL. So here below, I have made a little list of tips, on little things we can do throughout our pregnancies to make ourselves feel the best we can and accept all those crazy hormones + changes that are taking over our bodies!

PREGNANCY PIGMENTATION – I have suffered this SO bad during both my pregnancies, where I am of asian heritage my skin is dark brown and therefore the pigmentation is black on my skin. My quick fix: a little bit of foundation which takes me 2 seconds to apply every day. Long term treatment: Looking into any treatments which may be available out there for pigmentation (I’m very into natural treatments and I think I may be starting the potato treatment – I’ll be posting about that soon if it works!)

PREGNANCY WEIGHT GAIN – although this is the most natural change that can happen to us during pregnancy, many of us find it hard. During my first pregnancy I was still quite chubby with ‘puppy fat’ from med school, so the weight gain really didn’t affect me. However, for this pregnancy, as I started off with a six pack, the weight gain hit me really hard psychologically. My quick fix: Walks with the family, going to the gym, telling myself that this is only temporary. Long term treatment: Although I eat A LOT, I try to eat as healthy as possible so that I can be sure everything I am consuming is doing great for the baby as well as for me. Also eating well avoids unnecessary weight gain and this therefore means after giving birth I will hopefully be able to get my pre-pregnancy body back quicker.

PREGNANCY ACHES & PAINS – I’m the get go mummy. I literally never sit down, and when I do it’s to blog, reply to emails or to work on customer programs (so my brain is literally always on the go), yet sometimes the back pain, the sciatica means that some days I literally HAD TO take a break and not complete everything I’d wanted to that day, whcih really got me down. My quick fix: accepting that I really should just take a break because soon with two babies, I’ll be wishing to sit down and won’t have the chance. Long term treatment: getting my hubby to massage me, trying out different stretches to help the pains.

PREGNANCY WARDROBE: as time goes on I really almost have nothing to wear. Over here where I live, maternity clothes that are good quality almost do not exist and so I am just squeezing into my larger size clothes or of course, just stealing from my husbands wardrobe, who doesn’t? My quick fix: buying larger more fashionable, comfy (yet also cheap clothes) where I can find them. I really don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes for this bump when I know that I will definitely not be wearing them post-partum: Long term treatment: Looking at clothes and saving the ones I will buy after I give birth. Mental shopping therapy, and seeing as I barely bought myself any clothes during the pregnancy, it will totally be guilt free shopping when it comes to buying clothes!

PREGNANCY SKIN PROBLEMS: if you’re lucky you will have the pregnancy glowing skin (I did during my first trimester), if you’re like me this pregnancy then you may be suffering all sorts, pigmentation, dry skin, pregnancy eczema. My quick fix: cover it all up, I love make up so I don’t have a problem with covering my face in it, and as along as my husband loves me bare faced, that’s all that matter right? Long term treatment: either finding more accurate treatments for the symptoms or if you know that it’s purely a pregnancy thing (like me with my eczema) then just remind yourself that it’s all worth it for your beautiful little bundle of joy!

Pregnancy hormones that tell you you’re ugly: Me everyday. This unfortunately is a battle that can only be fought mentally. My quick fix: putting on a little bit of make-up, dressing up in something nicer (if it fits). Long term and MORE IMPORTANTLY: remind yourself that you are not any ‘uglier’ than you were, and even if you feel that you are it is for the most beautiful reason ever! Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful and every time that you feel your little baby kick, it’s a reminder of why all these body changes are just so totally worth it.

I hope these little tips helped, just remember, how you look at other pregnant women and admire them, that’s how everyone else is looking at YOU. Even if you don’t feel like you’re amazing, you ARE and you have no reason to believe otherwise! 

Week 8 

Now we’re at 8 weeks, baby is about 2 cm long, although that may not seem very big, remember back to just a few weeks ago when baby was just a ball of cells, now that’s A LOT of growing! It’s not going to stop there, from now onwards, baby will grow about a millimeter PER DAY! That’s not all on the growing part, the amniotic fluid in order to keep up with baby’s rapid growth will increase by about two tablespoons per week.

Now that baby is growing so quickly and has evolved a lot since those first tiny days, baby can now officially be called a foetus (which means offspring), a foetus with an astounding heartbeat of about 160 beats per minute. Whilst that little chamber of love is pumping blood around the body, the lungs are now beginning to form and develop, with the breathing tube extending from the throat to the lungs.

And how about you mummy? How are you feeling? At 8 weeks pregnant you may not be looking pregnant but believer it or not, your uterus is already double the size! At this point your fatigue is maybe worse than ever and you may be feeling more exhausted than you’ve ever felt, don’t be hard on yourself if you’re not getting as much done as  you’d like, it is important to try and rest as much as possible during this period, I mean your body is growing another human and look at how rapidly too, so if possible try and get as much rest as possible. Morning sickness will still be lurking around with no end in sight, I tried nearly every concoction and potion I could try to help ease this, although not one actually cured the sickness, I made a list of the best relievers for the sickness and will be posting this on the blog soon for you guys!

And how about me? Well this week seems as just as much as a blur as all the rest of the ‘first few weeks’. Although technically this pregnancy in itself is ‘easier’ than the first, it seems way harder due to the fact i now have a toddler on my hands, oh and a puppy! So life is a little crazy in the Moldovan household, but thank God for my husband, a true modern day superhero (no joke guys, I wouldn’t have survived the pregnancy without him. Also this week I GOT A NEW CAR. A little surprise from my husband to celebrate the new baby, all because I needed a car that was safe, big enough for two car seats, yet small enough for me to drive around on a daily basis with all my mommy duties. Well, he found the perfect one, a BMW 3 series. When I saw her outside my house, it was love at first sight and I think it was for Ayan too as he refuses to go in his daddy’s car now…oops! And of course as a dedication to my blog, my ongoing projects and my loyal readers, the number plate has a special dedication, take a look down below!

So my next blog post will be my WORKOUT for Week 8 amongst all the chaos, I still tried to go to the gym and fit in a little bit of movement, even if I only managed to go twice, better than nothing huh?

See you soon, O X O  



Dragging through first trimester 

I know many of you are wondering if I fell of the edge of the earth, where have I disappeared to? Etc. So firstly I’d like to begin with the fact that I’m here and I’m back! I know you haven’t heard from me for a while and I’m sooo sorry for that but honestly those who told me that my second pregnancy was going to be easier, lied! Let’s just say one thing, me + first trimester do. Not. Go. However, I’ve been hanging in there and it’s slowly slowly it’s getting better, and if this pregnancy is anything like my first then by 14 weeks I should be back in action and full of that pregnancy glow (well as glowy as it can get) 🙂 okay but seriously guys, I’ve been so sick, I haven even been working out and I feel terrible! However, I’m going to get back that gym membership this week and we are totally going to get back on it! And I know you’ll all be curious to how I look now, so even though I’ve done absolutely nothing I’ve managed to get some body snapshots of how I look, so I’ll be uploading those too! 
But anyways, without rambling this is just a quick apology post and a post to announce that I am Back with the pregnancy series and I will be posting some awesome stuff and keep your fingers crossed for me that this little peanut keeps mummy happy and healthy and no so sickly anymore! 

If there’s anything specific you want me to post about, then don’t forget to mail me and let me know! 

Kisses O X O X 

The Pregnancy Diaries #1

It’s the 21 August 2016, 

It’s 5.17am and the only sounds I can hear are the sounds of me tapping against the keyboard and the sound of my thoughts rushing out onto the bed. I’m not early, I can’t sleep. I don’t know if it’s excitement insomnia or if it’s pregnancy insomnia, wait, what did I say?! YES, that’s right!!! Baby no.2 is on the way and I’ve only just found out and I am soooo excited! Excited to share my journey with you!

Okay, so before I rush through all the details (which is actually going to be in my next VLOG: Lifeofachocolategirl on Y O U T U B E, don’t forget to subscribe) I just thought I’d write this post so you’ll know what’s what, where’s what and what to expect over the next 8/9 months.

This blog post by the way is also a little surprise gift to my loyal readers on the blog, as I won’t be doing the Official announcement on social media until later on this evening! So if you read this then ssshhh, because it’s still a secret! On to the point of reading, by the time you read this I’ll probably be 6/7 weeks pregnant as I only plan on announcing then, so this will actually be a retrospective read for you. To make it more fun & easy though, I have made a new sub-section on the blog called ‘The Pregnancy Diaries’. So if you click on there you’ll easily be able to find any and every post that is pregnancy related. Secondly, as there will be a whole chunk of retrospective reading material until this point, after each post title there will be a hashtag and a number e.g. this one…

‘The Pregnancy Diaries #1’

… fairly explainable but I have numbered the posts consecutively for your ease so that you can read them in the correct order (I know I’m super organized right?!)

If you are an I N S T A G R A M user, then you can find me on insta@reemamoldovan – everything pregnancy related, baby bump pics, scans, pregnancy fitness pics will be findable under the hashtag hashtagLCGpregnancydiaries

For my S N A P C H A T users, you can add me on both – reema.karina – or – mihai2m -. For those who already know my husband he is an awesome chef, so we will be posting fitness recipes and pregnancy diet tips, couple workouts, pregnancy workouts over on there.

Okay, sooo apart from my ridiculously awesome organization skills (am I allowed to show off just a little bit) I think that’s about it for now, stay tuned because I will be posting DAILY in the pregnancy diaries and I have sooooo much more to come! Anything you want me to specifically write about then leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to do a post for you!

Hugs & Love,