Week 33

Okay seriously, at this point is it legal to PANIC  yet?! Time is honestly flying by, as you can see I barely get time to even update the blog, even though I would so like to do that more, plus, on top of that I keep falling asleep whilst putting Ayan to bed. Totally a third trimester fatigue symptom! Okay, so let’s do the facts! 

  • Baby is weighing in at over 4lbs! (I know my chuky monkey definitely is from my most recent scan)
  • Baby is around 17 inches, according to the WTE app this is the size of a pineapple, although I beg to differ, over on this side of Europe we seriously don’t get pineapples that big #sorrynotsorry
  • Your baby technically is the newborn that he/she will be, except a much smaller and skinnier version. These last few weeks are mostly for filling out with fat, maturing of all the organs especially the lungs therefore there are no ‘developmental changes’ as such.
  • If you gave birth at this point, baby has a 97% chance of survival! – HOWEVER, this is NOT recommended to even try inducing birth in any way. The human gestation period is around 40 weeks for a reason give or take a couple of weeks either side, waiting until both you and baby are naturally ready for birth day ensures the healthiest baby for you to enjoy!

This is just a quick recap of the factual things at this point in the pregnancy, it is currently 5am in the morning and I have been tossing and turning since 3am (no thanks to pregnancy insomnia), therefore, my next post will be a catch up on MY pregnancy – a lot os symptoms have popped up for me and barely any of them I am enjoying, also a list of third trimester symptoms as I feel that there are too many and I need more than a shared post to write them all! Catch you on the next post!

Reema Ox 


Weeks 31 + 32

So yet again another two weeks went by as a blur, for many reasons. Let me list them out for you;

  • I am severely  N E S T I N G so I’ve basically been spending my free time bleaching my house and cleaning it until you can see your face on every surface.
  • I have left everything until last minute, so I am now rushing around like a headless chicken trying to get everything including this mini ‘make over’ done in this house. Nb. trying to get everything done with this massive bump!
  • I am spending as much time doing as fun activities with Ayan as possible as only very few weeks remain until he is officially not an only child anymore, so I am cherishing every moment.
  • I managed to record, edit and post one VLOG (yes the part 2 guys), I will also be posting it on the blog here!

So yes, apart from that, lets look at the major things happening this week. Baby may already be heads down, ready to greet you, not only that baby is already weighing in at 3.5-4 lbs! Can you believe that?!? I personally am not feeling so ‘heavy’ in the mornings, but I do have to keep on taking 30 second breaks after physical effort and by the end of the night I’m feeling like a bleached whale on most evenings. Baby is also resting as much as he/she can right now, ready to make the grand entrance into this world, they are also so big now that they are back to being in a curled up position, so it’s definitely getting cramped in there. My favourite thing happening this week? My little baby actually is playing back with me! When they stick a limb out, I will push it back in and they’ll push back out again, sooooo cute!! Although at this point of pregnancy I am really beginning to FEEL IT, and boy oh boy do I mean it. Have you ever tried climbing up 2 flights of stairs 33 weeks pregnant with a 11kg toddler in your arms? It’s tiring for sure. I am also cherishing every single second of every day being pregnant as I know the journey is nearly coming to an end and for sure I will miss being pregnant, no matter how hard it is.

What are your favourite parts of pregnancy this week?


Starting from this week baby will begin to double in size over the next few weeks, scary right? And if you haven’t already started showing, then now is about the time when your abdomen will start to look like a little bump. Thank goodness for that, I swear I’d just been looking fat these past few weeks! Talking about gaining weight, during this trimester the average women should gain about 6/7kg, if you’ve gained a little less or even a little more then it’s not to worry, this obviously varies to each women and they’re starting weight in the first place. However, for those who are unsure I will soon be posting a blog post all about weight gain, dealing with weight gain and a mini guideline on how much we should be gaining. With also tips on how to nutritionally, physically and emotionally manage the weight gain, so watch out for that.

In other exciting news, some may begin to feel movements called ‘quickening’, although these women usually are already mothers. During first pregnancies  many don’t feel movement until 20 weeks and some even as late as 24 weeks! So don’t worry if you aren’t feeling movements. With my first pregnancy I felt movements inbetween the 20-21 week, so definitely for me no signs of movement during this week in either of my pregnancies!

Have any of you felt movement this early? Let me know how you’re feeling this week! 

Week 12 of Pregnancy

Although it’s been a while since I posted in the pregnancy series (due to other commitments), I have been making notes alongside the rest of the crazy-ness going on, so that when I do post, although retrospectively, the posts will be accurate to the pregnancy. In other news, I am profusely sorry for my lack of posting and I absolutely promise to catch up on the pregnancy series, not only that but also bring some new stuff to the table for the blog this year – all exciting news. So where were we? Week 12…

An exciting milestone in the pregnancy, first trimester is O V E R, I personally am not a fan of 1st trimester and I literally count down the days until I reach week 12. Around this time or soon after nausea, vomiting, first pregnancy fatigue and all the other uncomfortable symptoms begin to ease out. It’s almost like seeing light at the end of the tunnel. For me, at exactly 11 weeks and 6 days I begin feeling much better than I’ve felt in a long time and finally ate something that wasn’t processed or potatoes (I’ve had the most awful diet this pregnancy – gender guesses anyone?)

Enough about me, what’s happening with baby in there? Well for starters, baby is the size of a lime – this may not seem big but from poppy seed to lime in just 8 weeks sure is a hell of a growth spurt! The most dramatic news this week and by far the coolest until this point, is that baby will begin opening his fingers and toes at some point this week and his mouth will begin to make sucking movements, crazy right? Our little miniature human beings are already practising ‘baby habits’ from now.

So as well as being an exciting milestone during the pregnancy, week 12 is also an exciting time for baby, a time where they are undoubtedly human if you had a window and could peek inside the womb. Anyhow, that’s enough excitement for today, catch you in week 13!


Week 6

Fun Fact: Baby is the size of a POMEGRANATE SEED 

So what’s happening in week 6? The folds of tissue on the head are developing into the jaw, cheekbones and chin all in order to form that beautiful little face which you will kiss. Baby’s heart is beating somewhere between 100-160 beats per minute, that’s almost twice as fast as mine! His lungs, pituary gland and brain are forming as well as the rest of his muscles as bones, so little yet so hard at work. Although the development is wrapped up in just a few written lines, it is a LOT for a foetus to be doing at a mere 6 weeks and more so it is an even harder task for you body to be providing all the energy so that the growth of your little one can be taking place safe and soundly, so remember to fit in naps and rest as and when you can.

It’s round about now when pregnancy hormones will kick in and start fluctuating all over the place. At this point my morning sickness was in the morning, middle of the day, evening, all night sickness, okay you  get my point.Also major fatigue kicked in and my poor little toddler had to make do with whatever I’d give him to eat, barely able to tolerate being in the kitchen if I remember correctly I think it was at this point until around the 11 week mark that his lunch time diet consisted mainly of some type of potato dish and chicken nuggets.Thank goodness daddy is an awesome cook and made him healthy dinner otherwise I don’t know what I would have done. Also at this point the tears started flowing in and my hormones started going coo-coo, a funny memory for this week; I told my dear husband that maybe I’d like some chocolate (but I wasn’t sure) he offered numerous times (about 100 times) if I wanted him to go out and get me some and asked me which type. To which I told him not to worry about it because in fact I didn’t need or want it, fast forward a few hours to 1am, we are lying in bed and I start crying. The poor guy turns and asks me what’s the matter to which I reply that i really want chocolate…so obviously he got out the bed and bought me some (for which I am eternally grateful).

So yeah, that about sums up week 6 of my pregnancy, have you got any funny stories to tell? Send them to me and I will be doing a ‘feature post’ on the blog sometime soon and feature all the funniest stories.

Next Blog Post: Week 6 Workout!