What not to say to a pregnant woman – PART 2

If you’ve been keeping up with the flow, then you will remember that what now seems like a loooooong time ago, I uploaded my V L O G on what NOT TO SAY TO A PREGNANT WOMAN.  For those of you that enjoyed it, then here below I have posted PART 2 of the vlog and for those of you who simply have no idea of what  I am talking about, then click the link below and you will find out all the do’s and dont’s of what to say and what not to say to a pregnant woman. Enjoy!

You are a MOTHER, your baby is YOURS. 

I write this post with much sorrow in my heart, with pain for how many mothers do not know their rights for being a MOTHER. I dedicate this post to my Romanian readers, so you know that as a mother you are FREE to be close to your baby and NO ONE is allowed to tell you otherwise! Please take two minutes of your time to read this beautifully written passage (I did not write this), I do not who did but I wish that I knew! We live in 2017, our babies are ours and I am urging all mothers in Romania to stand for what is rightfully theirs… their CHILD! 

Something a MAJORITY of Romanian doctors + midwives should read!!!! A baby should NEVER be taken away from the mother after birth even for reasons such as ‘the mum needs to rest, for changing or being fed’. The first few days are crucial to attachment + breastfeeding to go as smoothly as possible and I will never understand why in romania people are paying 5000-7000 lei for these private clinics just for the babies to be taken from them. Alongside that the culture teaches women that they are unable to manage by themselves and they NEED the help (almost a controlling and manipulating way of lowering self esteem of mothers to be so they genuinely believe they can’t manage without babies being taken away.’) I repeat your child does NOT need to be taken away from you (as long as it’s perfectly healthy) and neither should you as a mother be accepting that! If the baby is taken away it should be on YOUR say, not theirs! Whoever wrote this, wrote it beautifully and this truly is how it should be! 


” Bună mami,

Sunt puiul tău

Eram în pântecul tău, la căldură, nu știam ce este foamea, frigul, lumina si senzațiile de a purta haine si scutece. Auzeam vocea ta, fluxul continuu al sangelui tau si cateva zgomote zilnice. 

Eram mereu lipit de tine.

Apoi m-am trezit intr-o situatie cu totul noua: plamanii mi s-au umplut cu aer, am auzit vocea meapentru prima data.





Apoi am auzit vocea ta.

Am simtit pielea ta, bratele tale.

Si sanul tau.

Este ceva cald de bagat in burtica mea, dar tu continua sa ma tii in brate, lipit, nu ma lasa pentru ca mi-e frica.

Suzetez la fiecare 10 minute pentru ca am nevoie de tine.

Uneori mi-e foame, uneori sete, dar deseori este doar modul meu de a afla ca esti inca alaturi de mine.

Spune-le familiei si prietenilor ca sunt la fel de frumos si in poze, acum vreau sa stau doar cu tine! 

Tine-ma aproape! 

Lasa-l pe tati sa gateasca sau decongeleaza ceea ce ai pregatit inainte ca eu sa ma nasc.

Nu este momentul sa faci pe Master Chef, mami! 

Este momentul sa descoperim impreuna cum putem trai separat, dar mereu aproape.

Nu-i asculta pe ceilalti! 

Nu sunt alintat si nu vreau lapte praf.

Laptele tau este mai mult ca suficient. Sunt mic si imi ia mult sa ma hranesc, uneori adorm. Incearca asa: cand dorm eu, dormi si tu mami.

Stiu ca te simti obosita.

Dar nu va dura la nesfarsit! 

Sa iesim afara mami! 

Pune-ma in sistem , aproape de sanii tai si mergem unde vrei tu! 

Eu nu am nevoie de altceva, decat de tine.

Ajuta-ma sa ma fac mare, nu ma lasa sa plang, plansul meu e mai mult decat un alint, este frica de moarte.Pot supravietui doar cu tine! 

Tine-ma langa tine, mami, sunt mic! 

In curand voi descoperi lumea si voi avea mai multa incredere.

Ajuta-ma sa cresc! Intr-o secunda devenim mari.

Relaxeaza-te mami, inchide lumina. Intinde-te langa mine si ia-ma in brate. Mangaie-ma si pupa-ma repetand amandurora ca totul va fi bine! 

Nu tine cont de sfaturile pe care nu le-ai cerut! 

Sa stam impreuna, mami, lipiti asa cum eram pana ieri, cand eram in burtica ta! “


Baby’s little kicks with their own routine are making more of a permanent statement now. You may find at this point that as the kicks get stronger you are being woken up in the middle of the night by little thuds from the inside (I surely am- however they are always welcome, I just love little kicks, don’t you?).

Over in our world, you may start experiencing water retention, I did start at some point, but I also started drinking at least 2 litres of water a day to flush any toxins out and keep the water retention at bay, so that’s a great help. Actually at week 23 it was Ayan’s birthday so we went to London for a long weekend, which was so much fun! However, I did indulge tremendously whilst there (CENTRAL LONDON + CAMDEN STREET FOOD – that’s all I’m saying) and I did end up looking much more ‘blown up’ than usual – this was due to a mixture of extra weight gain + watery retention from the change in diet. I will write a post in the future on tips and tricks that I have to help with the water retention as I know that it can be one of the worst feelings. Until then, keep hydrated and I’ll catch you over in week 24!


Week 21, baby is forever being a gymnast kicking and somersaulting around in there. During my last pregnancy I started feeling Ayan actually quite strongly (more than flutters) at this point, however, during this pregnancy I still wasn’t feeling a thing. Of course after reading so much about pregnancy I began to get paranoid and was so sure something was wrong with the baby, so rushed to my gynecologist for a scan only to find out baby is there, kicking and perfectly healthy, yet I on the other hand have a placenta which is placed on the fundul of the uterus and the anterior wall. What does this mean? This means that my placents is partially on the top wall of my uterus and partially on the front wall meaning to an extent is providing a cushioning pad when baby kicks. So there’s a funny story for this week. My husband however, was not amused, oops.

Aside from that most women are feeling pretty comfortable at this point, aside from the occasional ache and pain. This point in second trimester is one of my favourites as I’m big enough to look pregnant yet not fat. Small enough to still wear a few cute clothes and I still have enough energy to get through my day without resolving to being a crying mess at the end. The only downside during this week is that I’ve officially taken a break from the gym, for some reason this pregnancy (as I’m always complaining) my sciatica and back pain has been a lot worse and it resulted on some days me being barely able to walk…so take note girls, DO NOT OVER WORK your body during pregnancy. You can push a little, however, if you have a serious pain, rest it, don’t push it as you’ll only be causing more harm and stress to yourself, which can even cause stress to baby!

Week 20 + Workout

At week 20 baby is putting their digestive system into practise, swallowing the amniotic fluid around them, then urinating or producing a sticky black substance called MECONIUM. This gooey substance will accumulate in his bowels and you will see it in his first soiled diaper (I never actually got to see it last time round thanks to the hubby doing all the nappy changes) – however, maybe this time round.

For us this week it is also a great week because WE HAVE REACHED THE HALFWAY MARK definitely a reason to celebrate! Your uterus should be up to your belly button by now and if you didn’t already have one then a bump surely should be visible (even if it is tiny) this pregnancy, my bump was huuuge, however, my last pregnancy it was cute, tiny and low, however my weight hasn’t varied so much, so it surely is as we already knew, every pregnancy is so very different! 

In other news, as I said in my previous blog post, I considered at some point during week 19 to take a break from the gym as my back pain and sciatica was just getting so bad that I was barely doing anything at the gym. So this week I did manage to get into the gym a few times and then I took a break for a very long time. So this is the last workout that I will be posting for a while!


Light walking

1.72km – 15 mins

2o reps x 4 sets each arm bicep curls

12 reps x 4 sets wide squats

20 reps x 4 sers tricep pull downs

20 reps x 4 sets leg press

30 reps x 4 sers adductor

1.25km – 12 mins treadmill – 102 calories

12 reps x 4 sets wide squats 

20 reps x 4 sets leg extension

8 reps each side x 4 sets glute kick backs

Week 13

This week in comparison to last week nothing much is really happening this week, except for the continous growth of a little human inside you.

Although baby is taking a little break this week from all the drastic changes that are happening every day, a lot of emotional and physical change will start taking place for us. During week 13 my nausea faded away and then all of a sudden it was replaced with a inconsolable hunger, I think I ate around 4 months worth of food during this week, a little downside to week 13 for me. On the plus side I finally managed to get into the gym and complete a couple of workouts (which I will be posting online later). I also felt leess fatigued which was great, if any of you have ever suffered fatigue before it can be an absolute killer, especially when you are so used to being active. Another fun little fact this week: although birth is still so far away our breasts have already started making colostrum in preparation for our little newborns, pretty cool huh?!

Soon I’ll be posting on the blog all about healthy eating and the importance of diet during our pregnancy, although how strict we are on our intake isn’t a realistic necessity (I know some women manage to do amazing throughout the whole pregnancy). It is important to get all the necessary nutrients needed to grow a cute, little bundle of joy. Catch you on the next post! O X O

Week 11

After all the excitement happening during week 10, not many new things are happening during week 11 (although let’s admit, there is enough happening already). On a plus side, the nausea may begin fading away (at this point mine definitely didn’t) however (there is always a but), in it’s place you’ll most likely begin suffering from constipation or heartburn say thanks to those pesky hormones! I suffered MAJOR heartburn issues…soon I will be putting up a post on natural remedies to help relieve some of the symptoms.

Catch you on the next blog post where we will be at the END OF FIRST TRIMESTER! Until next time!