Can you believe that from last week to this week baby has gained 4OUNCES. Although being almost a foot long means he doesn’t look so chubby yet. Happening this week; baby is making surfactant – an important substance to help baby breathe once he’s born and gets his first gulp of air. Also baby’s brain is developing quickly so try and eat ‘brain food’ if you want an intelligent baby (as legend  my mum says.) What is brain food you ask? I’ll make a list out for you, because even if brain food doesn’t necessarily mean baby will be more intelligent, it does mean that it will help replenish that pregnancy brain of yours if you are suffering from it (I know that I am).



Baby’s little kicks with their own routine are making more of a permanent statement now. You may find at this point that as the kicks get stronger you are being woken up in the middle of the night by little thuds from the inside (I surely am- however they are always welcome, I just love little kicks, don’t you?).

Over in our world, you may start experiencing water retention, I did start at some point, but I also started drinking at least 2 litres of water a day to flush any toxins out and keep the water retention at bay, so that’s a great help. Actually at week 23 it was Ayan’s birthday so we went to London for a long weekend, which was so much fun! However, I did indulge tremendously whilst there (CENTRAL LONDON + CAMDEN STREET FOOD – that’s all I’m saying) and I did end up looking much more ‘blown up’ than usual – this was due to a mixture of extra weight gain + watery retention from the change in diet. I will write a post in the future on tips and tricks that I have to help with the water retention as I know that it can be one of the worst feelings. Until then, keep hydrated and I’ll catch you over in week 24!


At almost 1lb  baby is looking more like the little newborn he/she will be in a few months time. So much that in rare but beautiful miracle cases, women who have gone into labour at around this time have given birth to babies that have thrived. Although it is waaaay to early to even contemplate a safe and healthy labour it is still awesome to hear the survival stories as it really puts into perspective how human our little babies already are! Nothing really great happened for me during this week, except for the fact that I flew to London, ate waaay more than I should have been eating and did no exercise, so week 22 was one of unneccesary weight gain for me…sigh!