Simply pink with a hint of Asian. 

I left you guys on my last blog post thinking about what kind of nude colour I was going to choose for my pedi, in the end, after not much thought and a lot of work I had to catch up on, I chose a fresh, light, pink – more specifically cappuccino by E.mi. Although a nude colour, in contrast to my dark skin it actually turns out maybe not so nude but more pinky, simple, simply pink – take a look💗 
Pedicure courtesy of Sublime Boutique by Florentina Cinos, Cluj-Napoca, RO. 


Happy Feet! 

My alarm rings at 6am and I snooze it for just 5 minutes so I can have cuddles with Ayan who’s peacefully sleeping next to me. Just 5 minutes…

It’s 6.55am and Cliffy (my little white German spitz puppy) is frantically running around my bedroom because I haven’t woken up to take him out and he’s just not suuuure he can hold it in anymore (dare I say I’m talking about 💩 – well an emoji is better then saying the real word for us ladies, isn’t it?) Well anyways, he’s 7 months old and couldn’t hold it in so its now 6.57am and there is the deed on my floor – great start to this Thursday morning. Well that’s that, clean it up and let’s go and wake the husband up, who’s always a grumpy baby in the mornings, shortly followed by his son who is just as grumpy as him – like father like son. 

Then it’s time for my protein shake – 1 scoop every morning, chocolate flavor today from <- click here to browse. Whilst I sip on that I’m rushing around doing housework and dealing with the usual chaos of the morning, get the boys out the door, breakfast in my mouth and finally we’re out into the 8.40am – 25 degree heat. Get this baby to kindergarten and then finally the moment I’ve been waiting for…on my way to a pedicure. 

A pedicure you say? Doesn’t sound like a big deal but when it’s all about the #momlife a pedicure is one step into heaven ☁️. So here I am sitting in the cool, white salon, in a big comfy pedicure chair, almost feeling as though I really am floating in the clouds, my head for sure is in the clouds and I am thinking of all the things I will do today. The momma duties, wife duties, a bit of sneaky shopping, some cleaning, a great workout of course! Oh and this evening I am meeting with my secret collaborator to work on the blog, can you wait? I can’t! However, for now I shall think about what shade to paint my toe nails, it’s hot and sweaty outside, nude, nude sounds good? As it is the weather for nude after all right…? 

Pictures of my pedi on the blog tomorrow, but for today, give me some inspo and let me know…What are your favourite summer colours? 💅🏽