Mama Guru #MOMTASKS – How to prep for the upcoming year.

It’s 3 days until the NEW YEAR 2018, now I don’t know about you but for this mama bear over here, that does NOT mean ‘3 days until a New Year party + hangover’. However, it DOES MEAN ‘3 days until a fresh start.’ Starting my year with 2 cute babies (if I don’t say so myself) a whole new set of goals and ambition to unlock, new routines to set in place and whole new year of motherhood! Excited? Yes. Anxious? A little. I’ve always been slightly over ambitious, however, I like it. There exists in our wonderful world an awesome saying which over the years has slowly become my mama mantra;

“Reach for the moon and you’ll land somewhere amongst the stars.”

Yah, yah I know as a science-y mom it’s doesnt make 100% sense. But the moivational sense is just perfect right? So thats pretty much what I always do, aim to do way too much stuff then I could probably possibly handle, don’t achieve it always but then when I look back, I’ve still done a hell of a lot anyways. Awesome right? Anywaaaays, down below I’m listing my top ways in which I will be prepping for the New Year 2018!

TIP 1: Getting lots of rest – I’m one of those oh soooo lucky housewives (THANK YOU HUSBAND) who doesn’t have to work. However, people confuse this daily with thinking that us housewives get a whole bunch of time to rest. Three words. So not true. This holidays I’ve been super lucky because baby daddy was home and I got a whole bunch of sleep ins. That was sooo great because at the end of this year I was literally feeling at my breaking point from exhaustion. So if you can, get some rest to stock you up for the happenings of 2018.

TIP 2: AGENDA PLANNING – I don’t know about the rest of the world but I literally cannot live without an agenda/diary. I know that may seem so old school as we do have phones etc. nowadays, yet I still feel so accomplished when I write down all the stuff I have to do and then tick them off. So go shopping and grab yourself a planning tool!

TIP 3: FAMILY ROUTINE – I’m a club mama, social mama, blogging mama, gym mama, insta mama, studying mama, stay at home mama. I don’t usually go for stereotypes but IF I had to fit myself into a stereotype, these are a few that I’d fit into. Alongside this I have 2 babies, with different routines and clubs and swimming lessons, okay okay you get my point. My point IS, drawing up a family routine that you’ll be able to stick to on a day to day basis throughout the year without many changes is a MUST and a key to success.

TIP 4: DETOXING When you hear this word are you thinking juice detoxes? I’m not. However, I am thinking, detox the mind body and soul, so I’m not waiting until after the new year to head back to the gym or to eat healthy. I’ve piled on a few pounds (to say the least). I’ve been eating so unhealthily and I’m just generally feeling sluggish and lazy all over. So instead of waiting until after the new year to start feeling healthy again where I feel that will essentially be kind of starting the New Year negatively if I start it feeling the way I feel now, I’ve decided I’m going to get a kick start on my health goals and start NOW. So that I can start my new year already feeling healthy.

TIP 5: BE HAPPY AND ELIBERATE MY SOUL – This will for sure be the hardest one. 2017 has been one of my favourite years, yet it was also filled with some disappointment in the outer fields (like not enough time for the blog etc.). But hey, who doesn’t have occasional disappointments now and again? I mean would life be life without them? More importantly I’ve learnt this year to focus on the positive and the positive for this year was that I feel like I excelled in my motherhood. Now I don’t mean to say that I believe that I am the perfect mother or anything like that but what I mean to say is that I feel that although not achieving goals in other areas of my life, I feel like I’ve achieved all goals that I set for myself as a mother, I feel as though I have found my balance with my and my two precious angels, so that’s the HAPPY part. Now for the hard part; eliberating my soul. Letting go of the things that disappointed me will only make space for all the new things and aspects I want to add to my life right? And I know most of us, including me, say we let go of things but how many of us really do so? Or are they forever lurking thoughts in the back of our mind? Letting go of circumstances you can’t change is letting true happiness into your heart and that my friends is what I aim to do and so should you!

So there you have it my TOP FIVE TIPS to help me transition from this year to the next full of vibrance, positivity and love. How about yours? Let me know your goals for the upcoming year!


A Happy New Year 2017 

As 2016 ends I think of the many things I’ve accomplished this year and all the things I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. It has been a weird and wonderful year in the life of the chocolate  girl, from welcoming Cliffy to the family at the beginning of the year, to ending the year with much anticipation for our new arrival which will be joining our family APRIL 2017. 

I hope for this year to be filled with health, happiness and much laughter, for me and for all my readers. Thank you for the continuous support I receive from you all and this year we hope to see sometime in the near future a make-over for life of chocolate girl. As for the #pregnancyseries  although due to other commitments it hasn’t been as up to date as it should be 2017 means I have allocated time to dedicate specifically and make it better than ever, so all exciting news! 

Once again, thank you for being a loyal reader, each and every one means so much to me! I wish you all a prosperous New Year with only the best coming your way & I hope this year I ensure the blog brings only the best to you! 

With love, Reema ⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️

A Happy New Year 

For many of us the New Year is a new chance, a new chapter. A time to make new resolutions, new aims and new goals.  For me, this is my favorite part of the year… The beginning.

 I perceive the New Year as another chapter in my storybook adventure, a chapter which I can’t wait to discover with all the new things it will bring me, the obstacles I will have to cross, the goals I wish to achieve and all the wonderful things I will discover.

So with all this excitement and anticipation, every year on the 1st January I write down a list of all the things I wish to achieve and complete throughout the year, and at the end of the year I love to look back at this list and tick off everything I have actually managed to achieve. Some years have been good, some have been bad, however, in the year 2015, not only did I achieve everything I wished to but I went beyond that, 2015 being my best year so far! So with this success and motivation I will note down my goal wish list for 2016 and work to make it an even better, happier and healthier year! With some funny goals, some more serious ones and just those little points to make my year a better one in every single way! 

I wish you all a very Happy New Year, filled with much love, happiness, health and prosperity. I wish you the strength to cross any obstacles this year may bring you, with ease. And to achieve everything your heart has set out to achieve this year! 

Happy New Year! 🌟