Tip Top Toddler Travel Tips.

Travelling has become a normality in may people’s lives, whether that’s crossing one side of the city to the other, or crossing from one continent to another, we all travel to various places all for various reasons. It has become such an every day aspect compared to say, 150 years ago thanks to our ever growing education, techonology, opportunies, and of course awesome prices and costs at which we can travel nowadays.

However, one thing I come across so often since I became a mother is the hesitancy to travel with a baby/toddler. Hesitant, not because parents don’t want to, but because, they don’t know how. As I travel with Ayan a lot (he has never gone a day or night without me -should I be proud of that or not?) I put together a VLOG with my top 5 travel tips with a toddler. If you got anymore to add? Comment them to me and let me know! O X O X O



Sunshine on a rainy day 

Today in Cluj-Napoca it is raining. The skies are vast and grey, the streets peaceful and quiet and as Ayan and Cliffy take their afternoon nap, only the pitter-patter of the raindrops against the windows can be heard throughout the house. Although it is a rainy day, today it is more than welcomed. It takes me back to England and I feel as though I am there. The shadows across the house, the darkness of the day and the cozy sensation is of being indoors is a rare moment for us. I’ll make some cocoa for Ayan and maybe we’ll bake some cookies together, meanwhile, if you guys are missing the sun, here’s a little bit of footage which takes us back to Sunny  S I B I U, the fountains, the warmth on our backs, a beautiful town center and of course little Ayan, the Centre of joy. So on this rainy day, make yourself something warm to drink and let me take you back to a sunnier spot with sunshine and babies 🌞 Enjoy! 

The meaning of Ayan 

Grab a coffee, today we have a bit of a fun post on the blog… The meaning of Ayan.

Since I gave birth, so many people have asked me what ‘Ayan‘ actually means, truth be told, one of the reasons we chose this name was because it is truly one of the most multicultural names I have come across. It has such a beautiful meaning in many countries/cultures that it practically covers the world. So here it is 🙂
Hindu/Tamil meaning: Brahma – The God of Creation. 

Sanskrit: Soaked in the divine (as in Satyanarayan) 

Biblical meaning: ‘motion’, to arrive (related to Noah) 

Scottish: Lian which is pronounced as ‘Ayan’ is the biblical, Scottish variation of John. 

Hebrew: Nothingness, peace. 

Persian: notable 

Islam/Arabic: God’s gift 

Several African languages: Centre part of the soul. 
Every meaning so beautiful and unique, Ayan is a truly meaningful name, don’t you think? 
And as we dedicated a whole post to little Ayan, here are some snaps of him, enjoy! 

 The Perfect Potion to create the happy child.

A buddy, a pal, an amigo, a friend, a bestie for life until the very end.

Spend half as much money, twice as much time, sing them a song, or even a nursery rhyme.

A hug when they cry, a soft cuddle whilst they  sleep, kiss their little toes, and tickle those tiny feet.

Hold them in your arms, yet let them run free, exploration of their senses, to smell, touch, feel and see.

Teach them to love, to share and to give, the power of kindness in this world which we live.

Express no posession, just unconditional love, they shall spread their wings wide, like those of a dove.

In times of need and when they cry, keep them close and wipe those tears dry.

Away from the screens, outdoors is more fun, to run and to play in fresh air and the sun.

Grow them and nurture them until the very end, our little angels, a little godsend. 

A pinch of respect, rules and some trust, loyalty and love, happiness is a must. 

Good morals and kindness, empathy too, a good base in life will see them through. 

Now lastly…

A teaspoon of guidance, a cup of delight, add some sweet sugar, a bit of brave spice, mix all of the above and the last bit too, stir it well, through and through, dear parents there you have it, the potion to…the happiest and sweetest child for you! 
Reema Moldovan.