Wella #Trendvision2016 results. 

For those of you who follow me on snapchat you will remember back to a few weeks ago where I snapped non-stop a week spent in the salon, well on this post you find out what that was all about annnnnd for those of you who don’t follow me on snapchat, let me give you a little catch up.. 

A few weeks ago my hairdresser Andreea Bogatean (from Catwalk 13 by Ramona Mindru) plucked up the courage and decided to enter her first competition…Wella Trendvision 2016 – [specific category: long hair]. Using me as her model, we spent a long, long agonizing week putting everything together, there were tears involved, frustration, babies (just my baby actually), late nights, lack of sleep and just general catastrophe every day…most of which I managed to catch on snapchat. 

Arriving at the final day we were both exhausted to the max, but we pulled through and finally it was over. She completed her file, submitted it into the contest, then came the wait.. 

A very long month. 

I’ll cut to the chase, yesterday evening we found out that SHE QUALIFIED!! But that’s not the best news, she also qualified 1st!!!!! All the hard work, stress and effort was worth it (but hey what isn’t worth the hard work?!) so this post is just a little congratulatory post to the best hairdresser, wish her all the luck in the next round!! Below are pics of the final result which have not been shown until now! Don’t forget that you can follow the contest on insta by searching the hashtag #trendvision2016 

Oh if you’re not already following my crazy journeys in Life of a Chocolate Girl, then the 👻snapchat code is: Reema.Karina

Enjoy! ⭕️❌⭕️❌

Oh and let’s never forget, that Ayan always is running around behind the glam and the glitter somewhere… So here was a sneaky backstage shot of the real deal and the #momlife angle! Multi-tasking at its finest, modeling with my toddler running on set and asking to be breastfed mid shoot, how he makes my days so much more exciting!