Genius Nutrition Protein- why it’s so Genius!

PROTEIN – Many of you may know various brand names of protein powders, may know many people who consume them for many different reasons, you may consume protein yourself, which is great! Once you enter the ‘fitness world’ the word protein becomes a very important word to you…whatever your goals may be.

In the Life of a Chocolate Girl we have me (the sceptic), my husband (the supplement consumer), our little bear cub (Baby Ayan – 18 months old, still breastfeeds), Oh and Cliffy the Spitz. I state this to you because, in this case the relevance of QUALITY of protein plays a massive role in the dynamics. My husband has been a gym goer for years now, and has always taken protein to aid him with muscle growth, repair and recovery – so over the years I’ve seen all the different brands he’s tried and have always had protein in our home at my disposal if I’d ever wanted to take it – well, he looks pretty good if I don’t say so myself. However, I never really took any protein despite having intense workouts and needing the extra protein being also a vegetarian and a breastfeeding mother with a super active lifestyle. I used to say to my husband all the time that the ingredients just didn’t seem natural or healthy and that I simply wasn’t ready to put unknown sourced ingredients into my body simply for aesthetic reasons whilst in the meantime possibly ruining the health of both, me and my baby. That is, until I came across GENIUS NUTRITION! 

I am now a protein drinker, I still breastfeed, have much more efficent muscle recovery, therefore less tiredness, more intense workouts and increased daily muscle progress. I’ve truly converted! Okay, so now you’re wondering what is it about the Genius Nutrition product that converted me? What makes it different to all the other supplement/protein companies I have come across until date? Well, let me bullet point you why…

  • Genius Nutrition has bought out one of the most innovate whey proteins until date
  • They provide only the purest, highest quality whey protein available
  • The whey is sourced only from cows that graze on natural grass pastures
  • Sourced from cows that have not had any antibiotics or hormone influence 
  • Protein is produced without GMO’s, pesticides and artifical flavours 
  • Protein from the macronutrients are calculated (no Amino Spiking on the label) 
  • Made in Belgium – Chocolate Dreams is so delicious and tastes exactly like belgian chocolate (always a bonus if you’re a chocolate lover like me). 

See, what more could you want? Perfect for the vegetarian! Keeps the protein requirements up, is healthy and pure as can. Most importantly the quality that is obtained from happy AND healthy cows is simply not comparible. Need I expand more? You may be wondering why the quality and purity mean so much to me, well here’s the thing…In my opinion, life isn’t just about aesthaetic quality, but just as or even more importantly – true quality. What’s the point in looking great if you’re feeding yourself all types of unknown substances and chemicals on the inside? The effects may not show now, but down the line, you never know what damage you may have been causing yourself all this time. Ask yourself, will the aesthetics or the health matter to you in 30 years time? It’s your choice, opt for Genius Nutrition today, get that kick-ass workout, look good, feel good & guarantee yourself a healthier, happier tomorrow!

🔴⚫️ Oh and guys, as a little present from me, any order you make from just insert code -> LCG at checkout for a 12% discount. Let me know what you think of their products, I can be contacted by mail at ⚫️🔴

I wish you happy workouts & a wonderful week!

Reema ⭕️❌⭕️❌

It’s all about the Genius! 

For my chocolate lovers who have been waiting in anticipation for what’s to come on the blog, then I have good news, the wait is nearly over…Monday will see the launch of a new project taking place in collaboration with Life of a Chocolate Girl

So get ready, it’s going to involve a lot of fitness, food and more importantly Genius…who can guess what the project will be?!

Shake up a protein on Monday morning and I’ll catch you here on the blog! 


The secret energy stash. 

One question I get asked a lot is, how do I do it? How do I manage gym, a baby (that has never slept through the night by the way, I’m sure it’s something in my milk), a puppy, a husband (trust me these creatures can be hard work too), the housework and then all the other things I do? The answer is I do, and I don’t. If I manage it really does come down to one main energy source. And the weeks I don’t, it’s because I’ve slipped up and manage none of this (cue – husband comes to rescue). The answer *drum rolls please* – FOOD. 

Food, glorious food. More importantly eating the correct food. As busy mums, I’m sure you know too well the feeling of literally never having the time to sit down to a meal, it’s more like ‘I’ll shove whatever food I find lying around in my mouth and let’s go, oh those leftovers from my 15 month old look good!’. As much as I am guilty of doing this, I do however make sure that I get in all the necessary foods into my diet (plus all the cake, chocolate and coffee – okay in moderation). What I’m trying to say here is that we do not need to stick to a strict diet regime however, we do need to implement all the correct foods to keep our vitals up, our electrolytes in balance and giving our bodies the correct sources of energy. If you do manage to accomplish this then you will see that the cravings will disappear by themselves, you’ll no longer grab a chocolate bar as a quick energy source, and with that will come moderate weight/fat loss (if needed) with almost zero effort. 

You’ve probably heard before and is very true – tiredness and lack of sleep are one of the leading causes of obesity. As mothers I’m not sure if we’ll ever get that sleep back, but we can ensure that we are feeding our body as much external energy from food sources as possible, this way, keeping our minds, bodies and hearts healthy and happy! 

For some reason super quick ideas, here are just a few of my favourite energy filled food sources which I eat every day: 

  • Eggs 
  • Oats 
  • Dried fruits and nuts 
  • Quinoa 
  • Sweet potato 
  • Honey 
  • Bananas 
  • Oranges
  • Spinach 
  • Beans 
  • Peanut butter 

To happier, healthier & energy filled mommas! 


Eggnergy – Eggs, Tofu, Side Salad

Sweet Potato Pancakes + Banana