Fasting February

Hey guys! So since my last post, both my children contracted one of the worst viruses that had been going round (both better now) – we travelled to Denmark (VLOG coming soon) and now, finallyyy it’s the 1st February and I know you guys are tired of me talking about this intermittent fasting and want me to actually get some action in. SO THE DAY IS HERE. As we spoke on the previous blog posts all about this type of fasting and how it may aid in fat loss, I really wanted to see for myself.

So since 1st January, I noted down my weight on as many mornings as I remembered to weigh myself. I also noted down the amout of cardio I did everytime I did cardio. Ps. I know cardio isn’t the only weightloss option but I literally use cardio as a relaxation method amongst doing a teeeny little bit of weights, due to timing issues, total mom life. So for now #iamarunner. Below I will note down everything as I recorded and so for February I will do the exact same thing, except I will also add in intermittent fasting! I won’t change my diet plan or the gym schedule (which is by the way non-existent, I just go when I can). And from this at the end of February I’d like to do a comparison to see if by keeping everything the same in my lifestyle and simply adding in intermittent fasting, does it have an effect on fat/weight loss?

01/01 – 55.3kg

02/01 – 54.1kg

03/01  – 53.9kg

04/01 – 53.7kg – 5.15km 

05/01 – 53.5kg – 2.05km

06/01 – 53.4kg – 2.52km

08/01 – 53.5kg – 6.13km 

09/01 – 54kg – 5.08km

10/01 – 53.3kg – 3.09km

11/01 – 52.5kg – 2.53km 

12/01 – 52.7kg 

13/01 – 52.9kg – 7.3km 

14/01 – 52.2kg

16/01 – 52.9kg – 3.19km

17/01 – 52.7kg – 2.16km

20/01 – 52.6kg

21/01 – 52.5kg – 3.09km

24/01 – 52.6kg – 2.14km

31/01 – 53.2kg – 7.64km 


Total weight loss: 2.1kg

Total Cardio: 52.07 km

So these are the overall stats for the month of January, today is the 2nd of February so I did START with the intermittent fasting yesterday, however, of course I only managed to post on the blog today, no thanks to babies haha! I will also be vlogging about this sometime throughout the month, so don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel (life of a chocolate girl).

Any questions, or anything specific you’d like to know about any and all of this, just drop them down below! Catch you on the next post!

Monday Morning Nutrition 

A quick Monday morning nutritional breakfast idea to kick start your week with a burst of energy and health! 
Simply; Alpro coconut milk, oats, teaspoon of ground flax seeds, walnuts & a teaspoon of honey. 

Have a bad ass week everyone! 

R x 

Strawberry Sundae inspired breakfast – under 100 calories! 

Who likes strawberry sundaes for breakfast? – I do! 

Who likes caring about their health? – Oh wait, that would be me too! 

Who is obsessed with making dessert for breakfast? Yep, of course only me! 

After a total sleepless night (my baby has decided to never sleep again since the past 3 nights) I reaaaally needed something to sweeten up my day! A quick simple tasty sweet breakfast, delicious and under 100 calories! 
My ‘Strawberry Sundae‘.

  • 100 grams of 0% fat cottage cheese 60 calories 
  • 2 medium strawberries – 6 calories 
  • 1 teaspoon of honey30 calories 

T O T A L = 96 calories! 

Double, triple the amount if you’re hungrier because it’s just that guilt free!! 

* I also added a pinch of oats to mine for some texture!