Short & Wonderful

It’s a shorter week over here in Romania as yesterday was a religious holiday. So this week will be short (4 days until the weekend, yay!) But in these 4 days I’ve got a lot of catching up to do – I’ll let you know about my last week in a later blog post. So, all the work I didn’t manage to do last week, I have to fit it in this week and fit it in, in 4 days!

So let’s kick some a** this week & make it a short and wonderful week.

But even before all that, coffee first, of course ❤

Wishing all you chocolate lovers a productive day and a kick-ass week.


Monday Morning Nutrition 

A quick Monday morning nutritional breakfast idea to kick start your week with a burst of energy and health! 
Simply; Alpro coconut milk, oats, teaspoon of ground flax seeds, walnuts & a teaspoon of honey. 

Have a bad ass week everyone! 

R x 

A Berry Breakfast Cookie (No Bake) 🍓🍪

I am literally the Cookie Monster, I love cookies in any shape or form. 


At the point I made this cookie I’d been awake all night with a whingy five month old baby (growth spurt I think it was). I woke up the morning after that night hungry, tired, sleepy and just needing something warm and fulfilling in my belly! 

I wasn’t in the mood for eggs, I wasn’t in the mood for cereal, I wasn’t in the mood for boring oatmeal, but I was in the mood for some kind of sweet, glorious junk that would make me wake up again! 

I had Pop Tarts in my cupboard, but I decided against them as I knew I’d only get a sugar rush just to be double tired afterwards, but from the Pop tarts came this ingenious idea. A breakfast cookie! 

Here’s the thing, nearly ALL breakfast cookie recipes I see online either require baking, or bananas. I didn’t have any bananas. And using the oven after an all nighter? Are you kidding me? 

So I just put all this stuff in a mug instead and Voila! My amazing, sweet, warm, delicious and fulfilling breakfast cookie. 

I N G R E D I E N T S – everything as per preference (I made mine in a mug so you can imagine the quantities are not so large). 

  • Frozen berries 
  • Oats 
  • Peanut butter 
  • Honey for sweetness + decoration 

C O O K I E    T I M E! 

  • Grab a mug put about a tablespoon of berries or more in the mug. 
  • Warm them in the microwave for about a minute. (They’ll release water from being frozen) 
  • One scoop of oats into the mug, mix it all up so that it’s like one big berry mush. 
  • Heat again in the microwave until it turns into some type of red oatmeal mess (just keep checking on it) 
  • Add in two teaspoons of peanut butter, heat in microwave for about 30 seconds just in order to melt the peanut butter. 
  • Mix it all up again ensuring everything is mixed in nicely. 
  • Then heat in the microwave until mixture is thick and you have that ‘baked’ texture -> this is all dependent on personal preference. Just keep checking on it! 
  • Scoop it all out onto a plate, pat it with a spoon to give it a cookie shape (or just leave it in the mug). Top it with some nuts, coconut flakes, honey, agave syrup, whatever you wish. 
  • Enjoy your amazing sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, egg free, antioxidant breakfast cookie! 


Strawberry Sundae inspired breakfast – under 100 calories! 

Who likes strawberry sundaes for breakfast? – I do! 

Who likes caring about their health? – Oh wait, that would be me too! 

Who is obsessed with making dessert for breakfast? Yep, of course only me! 

After a total sleepless night (my baby has decided to never sleep again since the past 3 nights) I reaaaally needed something to sweeten up my day! A quick simple tasty sweet breakfast, delicious and under 100 calories! 
My ‘Strawberry Sundae‘.

  • 100 grams of 0% fat cottage cheese 60 calories 
  • 2 medium strawberries – 6 calories 
  • 1 teaspoon of honey30 calories 

T O T A L = 96 calories! 

Double, triple the amount if you’re hungrier because it’s just that guilt free!! 

* I also added a pinch of oats to mine for some texture!