Turning 24 

This year I turned 24. Somehow I’m still in shock that I’m so ‘old’ on another part I feel as though 24 resembles the end of an ‘era’ to me. I looked back on my birthday and thought of the things that I had accomplished. So far, my family. A happily married mommy of 2 with a dog, a happy home and my lovely car. Material + Emotional achievements. Now from 24 onwards my wishes are to continue being just as happy, to raise my two children to my best ability and most importantly moving onto new things career and education wise. I think for now I have finished with the children and family part of my life and whilst enjoying my housewife/mom life stage I have begun to wonder what I will do next. I have no idea where life will take me, or upon which path I will stumble, for now I will just go with the wind and enjoy the journey.

 Here are a few snaps from my birthday, celebrated intimately at home where everything was done all and completely by my dear mother. 

The Birthday Blog. 

My birthday. The one day I wait for every year for the past 22 years! This birthday has been the best birthday by far and I was truly spoilt! 

Here’s my – 22nd Birthday Story – 

The Morning. 

 Started my day with a 6.30am start and headed to the gym ✔️

Birthday workout selfie

Came home after my power workout to my wonderful husband cooking me breakfast ☺️ 

The ‘Happy Birthday’ Breakfast .

Then got ready and dressed to get my bro’s from the airport!! Of course I took a selfie, (the one and only stupid selfie I took on my B’day, but it’ll do!) 

The Birthday Selfie

Collected my baby brothers from the airport and headed for Sunday Lunch! 

Marty City. 


My baby and my baby daddy!

lil bro


My lovely husband and I

The bro and his girl



Steak Salad
Nutty Caesar

The Cake. I mean. THE CAKE! 🍰

So after arriving home from the lunch, I was surprised, I mean it was literally so unexpected that the Cake Queen (who also happens to be my friend) walked through my door with my birthday cake!!! Apparently my amaaaaazing husband had been plotting behind my back!! This cake left me speechless. 

GUCCI, Fit Momma, Life of a Chocolate Girl


Iphone , on my blog!


blog & weights, so me?


Chocolate Girl, lifestyle blog, iPhone, GUCCI


Still can’t believe this is cake


The evening. 

So I then had a few close friends and family turn up to my house (all a surprise of course planned by my wonderful husband) and spent the night chilling, drinking some wine, having a laugh and just genuine great company and fun! (I thank you all who participated). 

Momma & Babylove

Friendship ❤

The Birthday Flowers.  

I’m crazy about flowers! And this year I received truly some of the most beautiful flowers! 

red rose

tudor roses
splashes of colour
purple tulip
a plant to absorb bad energy!



The presents. 

I was so spoilt is all I can say. 


Banana Coloured Stilettos
make up tablet
Touch of Brazil
crystal rocks


We GUCCI, you polo. 

So my husband thought it would be a great idea to save the best until last, he is soooo full of surprises and the best husband ever!!! 

The Last present

What is in the box?!
My Belt!!!!!

Now THIS was the icing on the cake (the Gucci cake). 

I thank you to every single person who participated in my special day, and made it just the most absolutely amazing day ever. But a special THANK YOU to my wonderful, sweet husband who made every aspect of my day a ‘birthday surprise’. I couldn’t ask for more!! 


Mrs. M