Fashion is what you make it. 

So as I was just uploading a pic onto my Instagram, the thought came across me that my bag didn’t match my outfit and maybe I shouldn’t post it in case it looked bad. Then two seconds later, I thought to myself, ‘What the hell! Who said that my handbag didn’t match my clothes?’ – no one right? So I uploaded it. 

My last lingering thoughts before I fall asleep (it’s like 11pm here) is to always remember to be YOU. In today’s sense I specifically relate this to the fashion industry. The posts, the magazines, the role models and all the other people in the world telling us what to wear and how to wear it. I say to hell with it all and be YOU. Because being you is the best thing you can do! And hey, if it looks good on you, and you feel great it in, then make it #yourstyle and start your own ‘fashion trend’. 

– Clothes are an inner expression which we wear on our body and you are being totally false if you are wearing upon your beautiful body an outfit which someone else is telling you to wear. Being real is the way you feel and the way you want to wear it. So if it’s different to the ‘norm’ or what’s ‘socially trending’, so what? Go for it! 

Let’s take my example – a little tight white dress (BERSHKA) with some sporty shoes (GUESS) (I have a 19 month to run after otherwise it would be heels) realised I was a little bloated and grabbed the first shirt out my wardrobe which happened to be a checked shirt (BURBERRY) – then just a random electric blue handbag (who has time to match and change handbags when my toddler was screaming to be fed as I left the house that day). So that just had to do, maybe not so ‘fashionable’ but I liked it considering I threw it on in the 5 minute rush out the door, so I rocked it – as should you. 

Be R E A L, be POSITIVE, be Y O U. 

Kisses always, Chocolate Girl ⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️