Week 6 Workout

So as you know from my previous posts, the morning sickness aka all day sickness kicked in pretty bad at around the 5 weeks and 6 days mark, to the point that I was pretty much going to the gym and leaving again as soon as I walked in there as the smell of people, the sound of machines, literally anything was making me throw up. It all was a bit of a chaos trying to learn to accommodate to the nausea feeling and I could have sworn that it way way worse than my first pregnancy (if that was even possible). So therefore for week 6, I only managed to record one proper workout and even then I don’t think it was to my ‘full potential’. At this point of the pregnancy I like to think you can fit into either one of two categories; either you have almost no symptoms, or none that bother you anyways and you can carry about your normal life, normal gym routines etc. Or you get full blown symptoms which therefore make you look like you’re a hungover mess 24/7 (because obviously there is no bump or physical sign of pregnancy at this point) and you spend the following weeks being this irrational mess that is trying to get through life one hour at a time (or so that’s how it feels at the time anyways). My babies always for some reason choose for me to go with option number 2, and real story, I’ve actually had a security guard think I was a hungover mess one time because my pregnancy symptoms were so bad whilst shopping in Lidl, but I’ll save that story for another time.

Anyways, enough of the story telling, here is the one workout I managed to accomplish and record in week 6 without throwing up halfway through or crying about it.

10 minutes cardio

4 sets x 12 reps wide squats

3 sets x 15 reps kettle bell swings

4 sets x 30 reps thigh adductor exercise 

6 sets x 20 reps abductor thigh abductor exercise 

4 sets x 8 reps each leg glute kickbacks

10 minutes cardio