Is Vintage all Wine? 

We are extremely familiar in today’s day and time with the word ‘vintage’. Vintage fashion, vintage handbags, vintage furniture, vintage wine, but what does this so fondly used word actually mean? Where does this oh so old word come from? 

V I N T A G E (noun.) 

From the Early 15th Century the word ‘vintage’ was used when relating to grapes, the ‘harvest of grapes, the yield of wine from a vineyard’ but etymology research doesn’t specifically define in which context or reference this word was used for, so history on the use of this word is fairly vague at this point in time…

Moving into the 14th Century Anglo-French vintage. This word became of common use in France, from the old French language word ‘vendage’ (word meaning: vine harvest/yield from a vineyard). This particular word ‘vendage’ originates from the beautiful Latin: ‘vindemia’ which means ‘a gathering of grapes, yield of grapes.’. Collectively, it could be assumed that the word vintage was a predominantly French word used to describe the yield of grapes during the wine season.

Then moving further on through the years we arrive at 1746 where as a mere fashion statement, instead of using the word ‘vintage’ to describe the yield of the grape harvest this word was being used more and more to describe the age and year of a particular wine. This remained the fashion for roughly just over 100 years then slowly as time went on the meaning faded into a general adjectival sense of ‘being of an earlier time‘. 

By 1883, the Oxford dictionary definition of the word vintage was ‘being of an earlier time’. Restricted to wines, furniture, objects of class, value and age. 

Arriving at early 1928, the word was being used for cars, cars of value, cars which only the upper class could afford to restore and drive with pride. The word vintage had claimed yet another object to its superiority. 

Today in 2015 the definition is now a broad definition…wines, objects, yet all definitions of quality!


So the next time someone mentions the word ‘vintage’, pause, is it really vintage they’re talking about? 


(Photographs used, solely belong to Vintage Treasures, all objects pictured can be found in store.) 

Vintage Treasures – The beginning of a journey back in time.

So the project I’ve been speaking writing and focusing on for ages is almost ready…Finally! Press play, let this beautiful and inspiring piece of music surround you as you venture further & deeper into our project, have a relaxing read, and hopefully you are refreshed and filled with positive vibes by the end of your read. We are filled to the brim with positivity, excitment and buzzing tension for the launch of our new project, join us on our journey to the past!

 Ladies and gentleman, I hereby present you a small introduction and description on something which I hope will flourish and grow and become what we dream it will…  -VINTAGE TREASURES- 

Vintage Treasures is a new store which will be opening in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. A store solely specialising in vintage & antique goods, products with history, value and a tale to tell, stepping into the world of Vintage Treasures will be as though you’re ‘Living the Past in Real Time’. 

“What makes Vintage Treasures so different to any other antique store?”… I hear you think. A store that preserves history by restoring antique, vintage and retro furniture, turning them into Modern Age time pieces; Vintage Treasures will transport you back to the past at the touch of your fingers.

Entering the store, you will step off the streets of Cluj-Napoca and step back in time, back to the age of heavy wood furniture, hand carved artistry, the time of ladies with vintage cigarette cases and cameras, gentlemen with umbrellas. A time of emotion and history, a setting in World War II, or a vintage industrial display setting? Maybe the crazy 1960’s Alice in Wonderland display where everything is too much and catches your eye, but also where EVERYTHING is for sale. Maybe you’re hungry for knowledge on wartime Germany, you’d like to explore goods that lived through a time of warfare, take them home, study them. Maybe you’re a collector? An artist? A sculptor? A fashion blogger? Figurines from the 19th Century,vintage paintings from Surinam, wooden hand carved frames, the list endless but oh so beautiful and captivating. 

In our world at Vintage Treasures we cover a multidude of era’s with only the finest, most beautiful & valuable goods, whatever you are searching for you can take a literal step into the past and find it at Vintage Treasures.

The beauty of it all? All displays are unique, are set in the past and all have a meaning: industrial, wartime, retro, royalty, art deco, each display will ensure you live in that era with a beverage in your hand and classical music gently playing in the background, Vintage Treasures is not just a store, it is an experience. Everything within your sight is yours. From the chandelier above your head, to the italian vintage table where your steaming cup of coffee is currently placed on whilst you breathe in the past, to the posters on the wall, the antique lamp thats brightening up the dark day. Everything is yours to take home.

But that is enough secrets told for today, Vintage Treasures, coming soon this summer.

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