With love, 2019.

It’s been a long year and boy, has a lot happened. 3 years since I faded out from the blog, two babies which are so not babies anymore. A whole lot of love, some downs (welcoming change) and as I’ve just blinked it’s already nearly 2020.

I don’t know how that really happened, but it’s all been a blur, a transition period looking back retrospectively on it, but here we are again with all types of projects, so much to do and so much to tell! I’ll be here again more often, until then for daily updates, catch you on instagram over @ lifeofachocolategirl and see you soon! XOXOX

Keeping my smile on during the festive period!

So Christmas is over but the festive spirit of course is still very alive in our hearts! Keeping our teeth white and not wine stained is quite hard, especially during this time of the year, however, I’ve incorporated a new step into my daily routine that’s helping me keep my smile white!  Check out the link below and give it a thumbs up if you like it, see you on the next post! 

Loving your children 

Love your children, treat them right and they will love you back unconditionally. They don’t care if you’re fat, skinny, ugly, pretty, rich or poor. They care for kind words, kisses and cuddles when they need someone there the most. Being a parent is more than making a new human, it’s dedicating your love to another human unconditionally in ways you couldn’t imagine. I love you Ayan! ❤️


Baby’s soft cartilage this week is turning into bone, making sure your calcium levels are up at this point is more essential than ever. I personally am a huge dairy fan (organic, happy dairy) and never really have a trouble with calcium intake #guiltypleasure. Around this time baby weighs around 5 ounces, so about the weight of a turnip and he/she can also move their joints, bending and flexing those wrists, knees and elbows. Although you may not feel anything, baby is practising their gymnast moves in their!

Quality > Everything 

Life always gives us a second chance, it is called tomorrow.’ – let’s start Monday with a coffee and a quote.

I so believe in this quote and my favourite tomorrow is always M O N D A Y’ S. I always feel like I can start fresh and free on a Monday and erase any mistakes I made the last week… All in order to push to a better me. So to start our week off, below I’m adding in the link of why quality is vital. And by quality, I’m a foodie, so of course I mean the quality of food. However, take this as no joke, because really, something as simple as the good we consume can have a much bigger impact on the productivity of our week than many of us realise.

So take a peek at the link and have a great week! See you on the blog tomorrow! Ox

Truth Revealed

I get many questions over social media such as, how did I go from a med student to ‘fit momma’ – (did you know I was actually studying to be a Dr?) ha, got ya, something you didn’t know about me! How did I choose to marry so young? Was I even dating my husband before we got married? 

So, in the video below I answered all the questions, personal questions, about me and my life. More than a ‘get to know me’, this is the  TRUTH REVEALED! 



Positivity with a cup of coffee!

Goood morning, so it’s Thursday, not any special day in particular right, but, then again, why not? As I’m sipping my cup of coffee and going through today’s agenda, my first thought was, ‘Oh, it’s just Thursday, nothing special, work, gym, Ayan…blah blah blah.’ But then my second thought after that was, ‘Hey, shouldn’t I be making every day special? At least in some way or the other. How will I make today special?’. 

Today, I will fill my day with positive thoughts and hopefully I won’t be filling just my day, but also yours too!

Here below is a little mental motivation video on how and why I keep myself positive, and why motivation is a must to get through every day! Whether that day is absolutely perfect or maybe even not so good…For today, I wish you a postive one!

With love, Chocolate Girl! 



Working out without music?

Good morning Chocolate lovers! I have SO MUCH work on the agenda today, but before all that I’m going to the gym today to work off all this stress and tension!

Headphones I N – Music U P – Game O N 

Oh and here’s a little video for you, on why I DON’T work out without music, I mean, do you? 😉

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

ps.comment me some new music for my playlist, I want to make a playlist purely out of suggestions and see what I end up with- just a little creative idea, and YES I will be doing a video!



Meet the Moldovans!

Hey guys! So tonight I’ve got a funny little video on the blog featuring my husband Mihai. I know a lot of my blog readers are not actually in tact with my personal life and social media, so many of you know about what I write, but not many of you actually know about me personally. So as a little present, here’s a video where you can find out more about ME. Any more questions? Comment them down below and let me know, I’ll be sure to make another video in the near future, Enjoy!



Positivity ✨

Goooood morning my chocolate lovers, so there’s a saying that goes ‘Either you run the day, or the day runs you’. I like to run my day, so I start it  P O S I T I V E. How do you like to start yours?

Kisses and a great day my chocolate lovers!!