Dealing with body changes during pregnancy.

One thing that I’m sure A L L of us go through at some stage during our pregnancy is self-consciousness. Many of us (including me) find that at some point we begin to feel ‘fat’, ‘ugly’ and we find that at some point we love ourselves a little less – this, followed by guilt because of course we should be ecstatic about the fact that we are lucky to get pregnant and experience something so beautiful in the first place. Considering I’m onto my second pregnancy now, I didn’t think I’d have those feelings again, yet mid – second trimester, there I was wondering why I had got pregnant, because I was just so ‘fat’ again. Looking through all the ‘perfect’ pregnant women on my instagram my only thoughts were ‘why do I not look like that?’. How are all these women growing with grace and glowing beauty and where the hell is MY glow?? So anyways, I spent about a quarter of this pregnancy NOT taking pictures of myself with the belief that I didn’t look graceful and beautiful, I almost stopped taking care of myself, going to gym, doing my make-up etc. And so the downward spiral began…

Then one night after putting my toddler to bed, I was walking around in underwear and one of my husband’s t-shirts, obviously no make up and hair piled in a bird’s nest on top of my head when all of a sudden, my husbad turned round and told me I was the most beautiful woman in the world. I’m sure he’s said this before but it was truly the first time in a long time I actually heard him. That night after taking a long look at myself in the mirror I thought ‘what am I doing to myself? Yes, I have all these flaws, but they are because I am growing another child, a symbol of our love, what can be more beautiful than that.’ And that was the click, since that night I decided to start doing little things, little adjustments in order to make myself feel beautiful again. I may not look anything like I did 6/7 months ago, yet for sure if I dedicate just a little bit of time to myself everyday then in feeling beautiful, I am acting beautiful and therefore I AM BEAUTIFUL. So here below, I have made a little list of tips, on little things we can do throughout our pregnancies to make ourselves feel the best we can and accept all those crazy hormones + changes that are taking over our bodies!

PREGNANCY PIGMENTATION – I have suffered this SO bad during both my pregnancies, where I am of asian heritage my skin is dark brown and therefore the pigmentation is black on my skin. My quick fix: a little bit of foundation which takes me 2 seconds to apply every day. Long term treatment: Looking into any treatments which may be available out there for pigmentation (I’m very into natural treatments and I think I may be starting the potato treatment – I’ll be posting about that soon if it works!)

PREGNANCY WEIGHT GAIN – although this is the most natural change that can happen to us during pregnancy, many of us find it hard. During my first pregnancy I was still quite chubby with ‘puppy fat’ from med school, so the weight gain really didn’t affect me. However, for this pregnancy, as I started off with a six pack, the weight gain hit me really hard psychologically. My quick fix: Walks with the family, going to the gym, telling myself that this is only temporary. Long term treatment: Although I eat A LOT, I try to eat as healthy as possible so that I can be sure everything I am consuming is doing great for the baby as well as for me. Also eating well avoids unnecessary weight gain and this therefore means after giving birth I will hopefully be able to get my pre-pregnancy body back quicker.

PREGNANCY ACHES & PAINS – I’m the get go mummy. I literally never sit down, and when I do it’s to blog, reply to emails or to work on customer programs (so my brain is literally always on the go), yet sometimes the back pain, the sciatica means that some days I literally HAD TO take a break and not complete everything I’d wanted to that day, whcih really got me down. My quick fix: accepting that I really should just take a break because soon with two babies, I’ll be wishing to sit down and won’t have the chance. Long term treatment: getting my hubby to massage me, trying out different stretches to help the pains.

PREGNANCY WARDROBE: as time goes on I really almost have nothing to wear. Over here where I live, maternity clothes that are good quality almost do not exist and so I am just squeezing into my larger size clothes or of course, just stealing from my husbands wardrobe, who doesn’t? My quick fix: buying larger more fashionable, comfy (yet also cheap clothes) where I can find them. I really don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes for this bump when I know that I will definitely not be wearing them post-partum: Long term treatment: Looking at clothes and saving the ones I will buy after I give birth. Mental shopping therapy, and seeing as I barely bought myself any clothes during the pregnancy, it will totally be guilt free shopping when it comes to buying clothes!

PREGNANCY SKIN PROBLEMS: if you’re lucky you will have the pregnancy glowing skin (I did during my first trimester), if you’re like me this pregnancy then you may be suffering all sorts, pigmentation, dry skin, pregnancy eczema. My quick fix: cover it all up, I love make up so I don’t have a problem with covering my face in it, and as along as my husband loves me bare faced, that’s all that matter right? Long term treatment: either finding more accurate treatments for the symptoms or if you know that it’s purely a pregnancy thing (like me with my eczema) then just remind yourself that it’s all worth it for your beautiful little bundle of joy!

Pregnancy hormones that tell you you’re ugly: Me everyday. This unfortunately is a battle that can only be fought mentally. My quick fix: putting on a little bit of make-up, dressing up in something nicer (if it fits). Long term and MORE IMPORTANTLY: remind yourself that you are not any ‘uglier’ than you were, and even if you feel that you are it is for the most beautiful reason ever! Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful and every time that you feel your little baby kick, it’s a reminder of why all these body changes are just so totally worth it.

I hope these little tips helped, just remember, how you look at other pregnant women and admire them, that’s how everyone else is looking at YOU. Even if you don’t feel like you’re amazing, you ARE and you have no reason to believe otherwise! 

What NOT to say to a pregnant woman.

My  V L O G on what not to say to a pregnant woman is out now! The minute a woman gets pregnant it’s almost like the rest of the population gain a free pass to comment, advise and accidentally insult the pregnant woman. From speaking to other mama’s at least I can live with the thought that I am not the only one and that it happens all around the world!

However, that does not mean it should happen, does it? So in my vlog posted below I give a few tips from personal experience and from others on what NOT to say to a pregnant woman! If you like the video then please don’t forget to like/share/subscribe, thank you!

Week 28!

Hello third trimester! We’re at the last stretch of the pregnancy and as well as being excited I am also scared! So what’s happening this week?

Know the Facts

Baby is weighing in at 2.25lbs and is around the 40cm mark from head to heel. Baby can blink his/her eyes, which are by now sporting cute little lashes and at some point baby will see the light differences filtering in through the womb. In addition to that, baby is accumulating body fat day by day in preparation for birth. I don’t know if this is coincidence or if baby can see the light flashing in through my womb, but every time I shine a light on my belly baby stops kicking!

In other news 

Although it may not seem like a lot is happening, in the momma’s world usually at this point if there already wasn’t ‘a lot’ happening, then it begins around now. Many are completing birth plans, going to antenatal birth classes, baby shopping (my favourite part) and nursery decorating.

Personally, I haven’t completed any kind of birth plan yet nor have I been to any antenatal classes due to the fact that previously I had given birth via c-section (transverse baby) and I am so hoping I will be able to try for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Caesarian), however, in order to ‘stabilise’ anything, I’m waiting until the 32nd-34th week in order to see if baby is heads down or not, and from there on to be able to get fully assessed and checked to see if I am a good candidate for a VBAC (I’m pretty confident I am).

Baby shopping wise we have almost EVERYTHING, we planned well ahead and slowly bought everything so it didn’t seem like a ‘major spend’ in one go, even stocking up on nappies on Black Friday! Although to be absolutely honest it does help having a two year old as technically we didn’t start from scratch. However, I still have left to buy a new baby swing and a humidifer so if anyone has any good recommendations PLEASE comment and let me know!

Nursery wise we always knew we wanted two children close together and therefore during the first pregnancy, we had spent major time and effort into making this beautiful gender neutral Jungle Book Nursery, with Mufasa and Simba on a mountain far over, a Toy Story Ceiling with a huge yellow sun, yet when you switch the light off you can stare into a starry night sky. As you can tell I am sooo in love with my son’s baby room! I will be adding a baby name to the wall and I’m thinking of tying some ribbons to the crib to change the look up a little bit and maybe some new curtains too, but we will see. On another note, I still have SO MUCH TO DO around the house, meaning when I was pregnant with Ayan I did a little ‘makeover’ and since then I haven’t done so, I would like to do the same this time round and just have almost another clear out but honestly being super pregnant, having a toddler and a puppy and being a personal trainer is kind of crazy so somehow I never seem to be getting round to doing it and if I am it’s at extremely slow progress, but I will, and when I do, I will be doing a VLOG tour of my home makeover.

Talking about VLOGS , I have a NEW and EXCITING (also super funny) VLOG coming up over the next couple of days, as a little sneak the title is ‘What NOT to say to a pregnant woman.’ So keep posted!


15 minutes cycling – 67 calories – 5.06km distance

30 mins treadmill – 200 calories – 3.29km

40 mins treadmill – 275 calories – 4.31km

20 x 4 bicep culs (alternating)

15 mins cardio – 100 calories – 1.64km

20 x 4 double bicep curls 

6 x 30 adductor (short – pelvic pains) 

As you can see it’s getting harder for me to get into the gym nowadays, I’m honestly so big compared to last time (or so it feels like it) and on otp of that, most days I’m exhausted after being with a toddler all day and having a toddler that doesn’t sleep so well at night. However, on days that I do feel good, I try and get into the gym just so I don’t losetact with it. How are all your workouts going?

Week 27

Know the Facts

From a factual point of week 27, baby is weighing in at around 2lbs already and is around 14.5 inches with his/her legs stretched out (so more than a ruler length), can  you believe it?! I know I say that like every week, but c’mon, how fast are these little munchkins growing? I still remember writing the poppy seed blog post and now baby is more like the size of a giant cauliflower head (according to babycentre) but to be honest I’ve never seen a cauliflower that big before. Baby is sleeping and waking at regular intervals now, just like a newborn and in fact from a personal point, this little baby seems to have a FIXED routine. I can literally at this point estimate when baby will be sleeping/awake and so far I haven’t been wrong, pretty cool right?

From my own background research, it seems that around this time as we are nearing the end of the second trimester, new symptoms start appearing and things begin to get harder again. I cannot say that in this pregnancy this has been particularly true (for which I am sooo thankful). Sincerely, I found this pregnancy so much harder in the long term, that now, when I am able to do a great deal, manage my life again, be in control and just generally have a lot of energy for a pregnant woman, it is having a positive effect and I am feeling GREAT. Fingers crossed this lasts near to the very end, as although I am getting so much done, I still have so much to do (seeing as I spent the first half of this pregnancy feeling like I was trying to stay alive). IF I was to complain however, and I’m just putting this out there so you get an idea of how my body is feeling at this point, then these are the symptoms I am currently suffering (although I kind of just manage them).

  1. EXTREME HEARTBURN – I had this with my first pregnancy too, I could swear my insides are burnt to a chemical crisp and that is no joke.
  2. SCIATICA – I complain about this non-stop, I did have this within my first pregnancy, but much later on whereas this time round it started so early, however, I have noticed it is SO MUCH WORSE when I am physically tired and when I’ve been doing a lot during the day, so towards the evening, I try and take it easy!
  3. PELVIC PAIN – I have no idea why I suffer this occasionally, sometimes I feel nothing at all and some nights I can’t turn over in bed because I have to use my legs to do that and the pain just makes it impossible – I’ll just put that one down to pregnancy.
  4. BACK PAIN/TRAPPED NERVES – this symptom bothers me the least, I know for sure that at some point I’ll definitely have to do something about this, as I am so worried that my back will give way before it’s time otherwise. But I am so used to back pain over the last few years, that I’m kinda just used to it. I will be in the near future getting massages and doing back workouts to reinforce back strength.
  5. TIREDNESS– I think this is something everyone suffers generally anyways, as I’m up so early then on my feet all day, it’s so rare I can keep my eyes open past 11pm nowadays, I know that’s not exactly a symptom but I just thought I’d throw that in there. If you don’t have other children then please believe me when I say sleep is important, I wish I had got more rest the first time round 🙂

So from me, that’s about it baby, symptom and pregnancy wise. I know that pregnancies can greatly vary at this point, how do your symptoms differ to mine? See you next time on the blog with my WEEK 27 WORKOUT (So happy I can finally say this).

Week 26

This week, the nerves in baby’s ear are developing to become even more sensitive, which means baby can not only hear what you have to say, but even people who you may be making conversation with too – poor baby having to listen to Ayan’s toddler problems when he has them!

This week after 6 long weeks and a little bit of unnecessary weight gain (it is SO HARD being pregnant during the Christmas period) I have finally returned to the gym! Although I’m taking it easy as I obviously don’t want to push it after a long break (this is very important guys) I am sooo excited about this. Hopefully I won’t have fallen too far behind, although anyways this week I will be starting super light, mostly cardio just to get back into the flow and of course, I will be posting the workouts on the blog 🙂

In other news, I know it varies from woman to woman and of course for each individual pregnancy, but for me this week I’ve had an incredible burst of second trimester energy, which I’m so not complaining about as I do have so much to do, it’s great being able to get up early be running around all day, off to the gym, with some clients and then home again. I believe one of the things that majorly helped in achieving this energy is R O U T I N E. I totally cranked up my routine this year and try to for the most part stick to it strictly and it really has made a MAJOR difference believe it or not.

So enough about me, how are you all feeling this week?


Baby is gaining more fat and is weighing in at around 1.5lbs! Due to the accumulation of fat baby is looking less wrinkly and cuter by the day. Not much is changing in the life of the baby at this point as all the energy is focused on growing and practising! Practising breathing, kicking, sucking, movement, oh and of course playing! Although it seems as though nearly nothing is happening in comparison to previous weeks, don’t forget that baby is basically ‘baked’ now and although still way too small to be born is more human like than ever. Over the weeks the ‘finishing touches’ will be added prepping the chubby little cuteness for when it’s time to welcome him/her to the big wide world. See you over in week 26!