Vegan Chocolate Banana microwave cookie bites. 

Long Title, Short Method 

This recipe is *gluten free *sugar free *dairy free *egg free *soy free *flour free *egg free AND has the option of being *nut free. A total clean eat recipe! 

I’m writing this at about 6am on a Saturday, it’s a foggy morning, I mean seriously I can’t see anything out my window! Anyways…a lot of you mailed me and asked for this recipe yesterday, so here I am writing it down ready for your weekend microwave baking endeavors.

 Before I start, you should know that I had about 5/6 over ripe bananas in my fruit bowl the other day and had to do something with them, hence I invented this microwave cookie! Therefore there is NO ‘correct recipe, magic quantity’ or any such thing, just go with your intuition and common sense! On the other hand, these soft, chewy and healthy ‘cookie bites’ are a perfect recipe choice when you have those remaining bananas that you know no one will eat 🍌. 

INGREDIENTS (I will use exactly the quantities I used personally) 

  • 5/6 overripe bananas 
  • Pure cacao powder 
  • 2 tablespoons Agave Syrup (honey if you’re not vegan) 
  • 3 tablespoons peanut butter (can be eliminated if you’re allergic to nuts – if not I strongly suggest you use the PB it’s more for texture purposes). 
  • Oats, 5-6 scoops, (I’d say on a guess 1 scoop per banana – a scoop being the protein powder scoop) 


  1. Place all the bananas in a mixing bowl and mash with a hand whisk until there are no lumps and you have a bowl of thick smooth banana paste. 
  2. Add in the peanut butter and as much cocoa as you like, base this on personal preference. (Next time I will be adding a lot more than I did this time to gain a brownie effect.) 
  3. Place in the microwave for about a minute in order to melt the peanut butter, then whisk all the ingredients together with your hand whisk. 
  4. Add the honey/agave syrup and then the oats, mix everything all in until it is just one smooth mixture. 
  5. Pour it into a microwaveable dish and put to microwave – this is the most important part. I kept putting mine at just 5 minute intervals and checking it every five minutes, after 15 minutes in total they were kind of dry so I ran a knife through the semi-hard mixture to make the squares for when they will be ready. I microwaved them for another 10/15 minutes and then put them straight in the fridge. 
  6. (I forgot about them) Checked on them one hour later and they were P E R F E C T. 
  7. I’ve stored mine in the fridge and they really taste super good, they’re quick, easy and delicious to not only make but to grab out the fridge too! 


Enjoy your healthy cookie bites! 

Mrs. Moldovan 



Banana Split for breakfast. 

  • Slit a banana lengthways in half 
  • Lay it on a plate 
  • Top with 0% Fat Greek yoghurt, nuts, seeds and a drizzle of honey. 

Why I wrote this post so simple and so quick? Because literally that’s how simple and easy it is to have this amazing breakfast! 



It looks awesome right?! Tasted that good too! So I thought I’d add this quick, tasteful idea to my recipes. Enjoy your banana breakfast split your way! 

2 ingredient, no fuss pancakes! 

Eggs. Bananas. 

That’s all you need for this recipe. (I know right!?) 

I loooove pancakes, I sometimes like to consider myself the pancake queen, however, most of my recipes involve sugar and flour and make mess, that I don’t make them so often, however these babies are super healthy, super tasty and hassle free! 

Recipe? To each banana used, double the amount of eggs. E.g. To make this wonderful stack of pancakes for Familia Moldovan I used 2 Bananas & 4 Eggs. Whip them into a blender, add half a teaspoon of cinnamon (optional). Put a non-stick pan on the fire, (one spray of my 1cal spray) if desired. And poor the eggy, banana batter on to make your pancakes at desired size! 

Garnishings all to personal taste, these pancakes were with a dab of peanut butter in between each one (which melted beautifully on the hot pancakes). Topped with chopped almonds, and generously drizzled with honey. Delicious! 




Eggmeal! – The egg & oatmeal breakfast. 

What’s like oatmeal but has a high amount of protein in it too? EGGMEAL! 

Yep, you heard me right, this morning I wasn’t in the mood to spend time making something fancy, at the same time I wasn’t in the mood for another bowl of oatmeal. (What was I in the mood for then? You ask.) Sooo after pondering for a while on what to eat, I decided upon scrambled eggs. But of course I needed some carbs to kick-Start my day after a sleepless night (have any of you guys heard of the 4 month sleep regression? Yeah well it sucks!!) 

So then I came up with the idea to add my usual scoop of oats into my scrambled egg, then why not some tomatoes and peppers too huh? 

Anyways, within five mins without even thinking I’d thrown in the pan chopped tomatoes, chopped red pepper. I whisked in a bowl one egg, a tablespoon of soya milk, water, oats, garlic granules. Poured this all in the pan, mixed it around a bit, sprinkled some smoked paprika and ground pepper on top, let it cook until all the water (from the tomatoes) had disappeared, tipped it into a bowl, added a teaspoon of 0.2% fat cream cheese on top, and that’s when I noticed, it didn’t look like scrambled eggs, yet it didn’t look like oatmeal. What had I just made? (actually that’s what my husband asked me), to which I simply replied eggmeal’. 

I’m not posting a specific recipe as the wonder of this breakfast dish is sooo many things can be changed (e.g. Egg whites no yellow, mushrooms, onions ‘omelet type foods’ to add, remove milk, change milk type, only water, different seasonings, the list is endless, yet D E L I C I O U S. 

Try it yourself for breakfast, it’s just great! 



Strawberries & Cream 

So the other day I made this amazing Nutella Cheesecake, yes, you read that correct! What was even better than that?  This cheesecake contained 0% fat cream cheese! I experimented a little whilst making this cheesecake and with no exaggeration I ended up making the best cheesecake I’ve ever tasted in my life. 

This cheesecake was an amazing consistency, with a melt in the mouth Nutella flavour… Just pure heaven. With something so delicious, and that tasted so great, I couldn’t just eat it like that. The love it took to make this cheesecake, the same amount of love it takes to serve and eat it too. So, my answer to that was strawberries & cream

My serving suggestion for Nutella cheesecake is some strawberries to accompany it, with some sweet liquid cream poured over, heaven in every mouthful! Accompanied by a glass of dry, red wine, need I describe further? Bitter and sweet, chocolatey and heavenly, red, creamy. You’ll never eat a Nutella cheesecake without strawberries & cream again, I promise . 🍓




Dessert for breakfast – Carrot Cake Oatmeal. 

I like carrot cake. I lie. I adore carrot cake. As those of you who follow my blog know, I am obsessed with eating as healthy and clean as I can manage, however, that does not mean I don’t have my flaws. I have an incredible sweet tooth! I LOVE cakes, chocolate, candy you name it, if it’s loaded with sugar, I love it. 

So for days on end last week I was craving carrot cake, I kept putting it on knowing it was a calorific bomb waiting to blow. However, I woke up one morning mid-week and thought I was going to go crazy if I just didn’t get this carrot cake. (I’ve heard even breastfeeding mothers crave like crazy, so maybe that’s why.) I don’t actually have a stock of carrot cake in my house, and over here you can’t really find it anywhere except for in restaurants. So what to do? Improvise! 

I ended up making my usual bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, except it tasted like without exaggeration EXACTLY LIKE CARROT CAKE, maybe even more satisfying as it was warm and fulfilling. I don’t think I’ll ever eat carrot cake again, I mean I loved this so much I ate oatmeal for lunch. The best thing about this recipe? It takes 7/8 mins in total, is super super healthy, super tasty & it’s like eating cake for breakfast! Seriously what can be better than that?! 


  • One carrot, peeled and grated 
  • Milk (cows/coconut/almond/oat/skimmed/soya/ whatever milk you like.) I use Alpro coconut milk or Alpro almond milk, it’s the lowest ever calorie milk, lactose free & tastes amazing) 
  • Half a teaspoon of ginger
  • Half a teaspoon of cinnamon 
  • One clove (optional) 
  • A sprinkle of nutmeg (optional) 
  • Oats 
  • 2 tablespoons of maple syrup/ brown sugar/ white sugar/ golden syrup (whichever you prefer) I use golden syrup


  1. Put all the ingredients in a pan, EXCEPTION of the sweetening ingredient (in my case golden syrup). – Milk and oats amount will be according to however much you eat. 
  2. Put the pan on low fire and stir continuously, it should take roughly 5/6 mins to cook and thicken. – the thickness also depends on how you like your oatmeal.
  3. If it’s too runny, add more oats. If it’s too thick add more milk until you attain desired consistency. 
  4. When it’s ready pour in a bowl, add two teaspoons of your desired sweetened ingredient, some desiccated coconut on top and enjoy! 

Yes, it really is that simple!

Mix ‘n’ Match – Breakfast & Snacks 

As many have requested, this post is just a few of my absolute favourite yet quickest breakfast/snack recipes! So let’s jump right into it without one of my signature waffling intros.

BLENDED BANANA BLAST – The Sustaining yet sweet, breakfast smoothie. 

This one is one of my favourites as a breakfast smoothie? Why? Because it’s a complex carbohydrate smoothie and can keep my hunger at bay for hours, whilst providing me with that sweet, refreshing, energizing start to my day. 


  • One Banana 🍌
  • Oat milk (as much as you want depending on how thick you like your drinks). 
  • Honey to sweeten 
  • Almond flakes for decoration 

Simply whip all these ingredients into your blender and there you have it, quick, simple and delicious. 

SEEDY GREEK – A creamy, ‘coconutty’, complex carbohydrate, exotic start to your morning. 

This one is great, more of a solid one on days where I need to feel like I’ve eaten my breakfast rather than drank my breakfast. We all know the number 1 rule: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I like to cancel out carbs generally, but we all need complex carbohydrates to fuel us with energy and to ensure our muscles don’t degenerate! Therefore I love to carb fuel early in the morning to provide me with slow release energy throughout the day. 


  • One banana 🍌
  • One small pot of plain Greek style yoghurt (2% fat) 
  • One scoop of oats 
  • Two tablespoons of desiccated coconut 
  • One teaspoon of flax seeds
  • One teaspoon of flaked almonds 
  • Honey to sweeten 

Put all the ingredients in a bowl (or a glass, maybe even a wine glass like me), give it a good mix and go right ahead and eat it! 

STRAWBERRY ‘NANA’ ALMOND SMOOTHIE – Smooth, silky, strawberry smoothie with an undertone of almonds. 

A smoothie with a spring vibe, everyone loves strawberries, for their taste and color, this smoothie is quick to make, and once made is quickly gone within seconds! With a classic combination of strawberry & banana accompanied by an undertone of nutty roasted almonds you really can’t go wrong with this one. 


  • 6 Strawberries 🍓
  • 1 Banana 
  • Almond milk, dependent on thickness preferred 
  • Teaspoon of flax seeds 
  • Honey to sweeten 

Yet again, throw this all in the blender, blend and drink your strawberry smoothness. 

BLOODY BEETROOT- Crammed with goodness, beautifully bloody in color & sweetly satisfying all at the same time. 

Last, but not least of all my goodness recipes is the bloody beetroot, this is one of my juicing recipes, I just had to include it as it loaded with vitamins and all things good, yet manages to taste absolutely delicious at the same time. 


  • 1 beetroot 
  • 3 carrots 
  • 1 Apple 

Put the ingredients through your juicer, give the juice a good mix before drinking, then drink away! Vegetable juices aren’t so fun for the beginners but this one is a great one to start off with and will leave you wanting more! 

Juice. Blend. Detox – Eat clean, drink clean, feel clean, inside and out! 

… Until further recipes! 

Blend. Juice. Cleanse. Detox. – The Liquid One.

Blending. Cleansing. Juicing. Detoxing. Terms we’re all familiar with and have all heard before. It’s very much ‘egg shell territory’ to step on when it comes to the pros, cons & health benefits of this particular subject. 

Some people are totally against it, others stick to certain cleanse routines religiously, it all depends on the particular person, their lifestyle and whether juicing is for them or not. 
So you’ve decided that juicing is for you, next you’re wondering ‘well what type or kind of juice should I be drinking?’ Social media such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and many a blogs are loaded with juicing/blending recipes, cleanses and diets. Cleanses for inner health, for kidneys, for liver, for skin, to drop some pounds, the list is endless…my advice? Go for what feels right for you.
Personally, I love the occasional cleanse, maybe I’ve had a few bad days of eating, or I’ve been retaining a lot of water recently, whatever the reason sometimes a quick detox can make you feel fresh and back to yourself again. 
How do I go about choosing my detox? This totally depends on the time and circumstance of when I choose to do my detox, a few years back I did a lemon detox to flush out all the toxins from my system, now as a breastfeeding mother that is a total no go for me. So yep, it really depends on why you want to detox. For each of my detoxes I will go into detail with further blog posts. 
So today I’m starting my own personal ‘momma safe cleanse.’ When doing something such as a cleanse or detox, it’s important for me to take into account that I’m an exclusively breastfeeding mother. For those of you one who aren’t mommas, everything I eat or drink hits my system straight away and isn’t out for another 3-5 hours. Therefore everything I eat or drink I have to take into account that that is also what my little 10 week old is eating and drinking too. 
Anyways, today until Sunday I will be doing 5 days of just liquids, plus one bowl of oatmeal a day. These liquids can be any type of liquids, although if you’re doing it as a purpose of cleansing I suggest you don’t do 5 days of drinking just soda and coffee. My days personally will be something like – starting off with coffee (it really is needed with a tiny baby and sleepless nights). A bowl of oatmeal, then the rest of the day with fresh fruit juices, veg juices, smoothies, milkshakes and lots and lots of water in between. 
The reason I’ve decided to do it this way is for multiple reasons: 
• Because as a breastfeeding mommy, any type of strict diet is almost an ‘immediate stress effect’ on the body, this could therefore inhibit milk production and as I exclusively breastfeed I obviously do not want that happening. 
• Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate that I need for energy throughout the day, having a small baby can be tiring work and the purpose is to give myself more energy not make myself more tired. 
• Yet again due to breastfeeding the calories are needed, therefore smoothies are also allowed as milk will add extra calories. 
• The idea of this ‘cleanse’ is not specifically to lose weight or anything else but more for me to feel better than I do. The past week I have been eating not very well neither healthy and this has affected my baby’s stomach (colic in momma terms). I also feel full, bloated and lethargic as well as having water retention. For me this is a way to ‘eat completely clean’ but in a more fun, yet disciplined way. 
• I believe from personal experience that giving your body a break from both meat and dairy does so much good for you. Therefore in this liquid cleanse, obviously no meat is present, however, no cows milk, or any other milk that contains lactose. I will only use soya, oat, almond, coconut or hazelnut milk (all of which I buy from the Alpro brand). 

• Lastly I am doing it this way as it’s been nearly a year since I got pregnant and stopped ‘cleansing and dieting’. This is a great way to ease back into those habits without making yourself miserable and craving food the whole time. As I definitely do not think that is how any diet should be. For those who have never done any juice cleanse or detox of any sort then this is an absolutely great first to try. It’s been known for many people to get attracted to the idea of a totally clean cleanse or detox program, jump right into a strict regime and find they fail after 1 or 2 days and never try it again. The key to these types of regimes is easing into that mentality and getting your body used to that type of regime.   
On that note, let’s drink to that! 

Pistachio Milkshake in a Nutshell

What you are looking at here is the lowest calorie pistachio milkshake you have come across until date, loaded with vitamins, delicious with its nutty flavour, it’s my new favourite drink! 
The Pistachio, family to the Cashew, well known for it’s purple skin and green flesh, it is not only unique to look at but also has a very distinctive flavour. 
Pistachios are one of those nuts that not only taste great (to the point of addictive in my case) but they are used in a variety of culinary dishes as well as sweet desserts – pistachio – ice cream flavour being one of the most well known. I personally like pistachios due to the fact I can tell myself (as I eat them endlessly) that they are filled with health benefits for me. 

They are one of the few nuts that contain most of the nutrients that are required by humans for complete health. Containing nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, dietary fiber, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, vitamin B-6, beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, vitamin C, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folate, vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin K. That’s pretty amazing right?! (Okay, even I admit I don’t know what ALL of those vitamins are actually good for, but they must be good for something.) 

So let’s get cracking. 

INGREDIENTS – to make a small tumbler worth of milkshake, like in the picture. 
• A handful and a half worth of pistachios 
• 2 Tablespoons of Vanilla Ice cream (low fat or full fat however you prefer) 
• 100ml of milk (I used Alpro Coconut Milk as it is the lowest calorie milk ever and the taste is just divine) but you can substitute any type of milk you like here. 
• 200ml of Cold water (I just used tap water) 
• 2 Teaspoons of Sugar (I used brown sugar)

Put the pistachios to soak in the 200 ml of cold water, for about 4 hours. 
• After the 4 hours are up, take the pistachios out the water (KEEP THE WATER) and place in the blender, blend together with the ice cream until a nutty, bitty mixture is attained. 
• Add in the ‘pistachio water’ and blend further, then add in the milk and blend until fully blended. 
• Add in the sugar and blend for a few more seconds. 
• Pour into a glass and serve with some pistachios on the top. 

Refreshing, tasty & low calorie in just a matter of 10 minutes! 

Go Green

Colourful, bright & Green, a great way to start your morning! 
Why is this Veg/Fruit juice so great? Well it’s filled with countless health benefits, loaded with vitamins, has about the same amount of protein as a morsel of meat and is refreshing with a hint of sweetness all at the same time. 

At the same time, what’s in this glass may not be to everyone’s taste, however, I do highly recommend it as a morning drink. It has amazing detoxifying, rejuvenating & refreshing properties, leaving you full, fresh, awake and ready to start your day. 
Contents of this GREENIE.
cups of spinach leaves – BLENDED
1/4 cucumber – JUICED 
1 green apple – JUICED 
Mint leaves to taste. 
Cold water to thin out as per preference.
Mix the blended spinach with the juice items, give it all a quick stir & there’s your greenie. 
It’s all quite so simple really.