Turning 24 

This year I turned 24. Somehow I’m still in shock that I’m so ‘old’ on another part I feel as though 24 resembles the end of an ‘era’ to me. I looked back on my birthday and thought of the things that I had accomplished. So far, my family. A happily married mommy of 2 with a dog, a happy home and my lovely car. Material + Emotional achievements. Now from 24 onwards my wishes are to continue being just as happy, to raise my two children to my best ability and most importantly moving onto new things career and education wise. I think for now I have finished with the children and family part of my life and whilst enjoying my housewife/mom life stage I have begun to wonder what I will do next. I have no idea where life will take me, or upon which path I will stumble, for now I will just go with the wind and enjoy the journey.

 Here are a few snaps from my birthday, celebrated intimately at home where everything was done all and completely by my dear mother. 

Walks through the town 

A little picture snap back of a walk through the place I used to call home. It’s not until you live in a fuzzy, polluted ever growing city do you really begin to appreciate the nature you’ve had around you. The salty sea air on your tongue, the greenery amongst the monotonous British architecture and most beautiful of all, the horizon. The point where the Earth meets sky… 

Baby jetsetters 

So, we made it! As the time ticked by Thursday night and Ayan just couldn’t/wouldn’t sleep, I began to feel as though the whole trip would end up in a serious meltdown situation. However, although running on 0 sleep we managed to backpack, our belongings, front pack our kids, not forget anything and get to England all in one piece. Thank God for that. 

I’m not exactly sure how much time I will have to blog whilst exactly on the trip, two babies, catch up with the family, outings, shopping, legalities. I have on the other hand been documenting with videos + pics to fill you in on my days over here and of course one of the most important celebrations – my BIRTHDAY

For now, here are some snaps of Aryana on her first flight and Ayan of course. 

Packing my s*#t

Tomorrow we go to ENGLAND. That therefore means today I’m a headless, exhausted chicken. It’s precisely 23.11pm neaaarly everything is done, hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything, if I have I’ll most likely blame it on my husband because truly, that’s what they’re their for. I still have to tidy up the house, although I did spend the whole day cleaning it in the first place, how does it get so messy?!?! My right boob hurts so I’m praying I don’t get mastitis again. Note to self: must not forget PUMP. 

It’s Aryana’s first flight tomorrow and our first flight as a four, I wonder how it will go? So far, so good, however, ‘the calm before the storm’ keeps running through my head. Anyways I better run and see if I manage to get some sleep. Must wear make up tomorrow so I don’t scare other passengers with my scary eye bags. Must remember pump. Must not panic. Must not try to miss Cliffy every few minutes. Must get at least a couple of hours sleep if I can before I go. 

Oh yeah, the flight is at 6. This should be fun. Catch you later on the blog DEFINITELY with a coffee as I’ll be on the plane. But until then take a browse at my first birthday cake of this year. Those who know me know that I always for some reason without fail end up with more than one cake. This one was from my mini- dinner party at my in laws. Truly spoilt, dinner, cake + present wise. 

Yours truly, momma of 3 who needs to get off her phone and catch some sleep. 

A Happy New Year 2017 

As 2016 ends I think of the many things I’ve accomplished this year and all the things I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. It has been a weird and wonderful year in the life of the chocolate  girl, from welcoming Cliffy to the family at the beginning of the year, to ending the year with much anticipation for our new arrival which will be joining our family APRIL 2017. 

I hope for this year to be filled with health, happiness and much laughter, for me and for all my readers. Thank you for the continuous support I receive from you all and this year we hope to see sometime in the near future a make-over for life of chocolate girl. As for the #pregnancyseries  although due to other commitments it hasn’t been as up to date as it should be 2017 means I have allocated time to dedicate specifically and make it better than ever, so all exciting news! 

Once again, thank you for being a loyal reader, each and every one means so much to me! I wish you all a prosperous New Year with only the best coming your way & I hope this year I ensure the blog brings only the best to you! 

With love, Reema ⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️

Get to know me REVERSED

Hey guys, so remember when I posted ‘Meet the Moldovans’? If not then click here. Well, so many of you enjoyed it, that I did a R E V E R S E video where Mihai asked me questions and I demonstrated what an awesome wife I am (of course) 🙂 Link is below, it was a laugh to make, and I hope it brings a smile to your face too! Enjoy! Ox.



Changes for tomorrow!

How often do we really think about the health of our future? By future, I mean thed next 10 years ahead of us. D0 we ever think about how today’s actions will affect us come a decade? I dont think I ever did. Then all of a sudden I started realising how time flies and how the last 10 years have just flown by so quickly. Some memories feeling like they were only yesterday and some feeling like a whisper of smoke. The more I thought about it the more I realised that there are some small changes that we could make today (even if we don’t feel like they affect our every day) in order to have a healthier, happier tomorrow. So down below I’m linking the changes I’ve made or I plan on making in my 20’s in order to have a healthier 30’s. 

Enjoy the video! And comment below the changes  y o u  are making for your future!