Cherry Beauty Lounge presents – BTL EXILIS ELITE.


It’s dawned on me recently that I am in fact getting older, I know many will think about my age and then wonder to themselves, what? Older? But let’s face it, going through a few pregnancies, sleepless nights with babies, just a general mama life and all the rest of the worldly chaos (which I love being a part of – really takes a toll on your body. And it is only recently that I’ve started waking up and wondering to myself, ‘wow, I’ve started ageing.’ Not that there is anything wrong with ageing, however, as I’m running around a majority of my time, nursery runs, shopping, baby clubs, lunch dates, shopping again, photoshoots, I want to stay as fresh faced as possible, for as long as possible, in the most natural way possible. So today I explored and did my first ever facial treatment – BTL EXILIS ELITE. 

I wanted to write here on the blog a little about it, because honestly, I loved it, non invasive, hydrating and personalised to me, it’s the perfect treatment for a mama on the go and for sanity’s sake it’s great to be a little spoilt every now and again. Most of you have probably never heard about BTL EXILIS ELITE, (I hadn’t, but I am so glad I discovered it!), therefore I thought that in this post I’ll take you a little bit through exactly what this treatment is and what it consists of.

What is BTL EXILIS ELITE? – The BTS EXILIS ELITE is a non invasive face and body contouring device, designed to tighten skin whilst reducing fat and signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

It uses a combination of monopolar radio frequency (RF) energy, ultrasound to stimulate fat lipolysis (the breakdown of fat cells) and collagen remodelling (for skin tightening), alongside skin cooking, helping to contour the body and face.

HOW DOES IT WORK? – The Exilis Elite uses a combination of radiofrequency energy (3.4Mhz up to 120 Watts), ultrasound and skin cooling to deliver controlled heating to target deep tissue, addressing deeper wrinkles, sagging skin, as well as the superficial skin layer, treating finer lines.

The tip of the applicator on the end of the handpiece uses focused thermal (heat) energy to disrupt the collagen fibres deep within the skin. The aim of treatment is to raise the temperature at the skin surface to 40-42°C for 4 or 5 minutes in each area treated to achieve the collagen tightening. This will be felt as a warming sensation (feels like a warm face massage.)

HOW QUICK ARE RESULTS OBTAINED? – Like most non invasive treatments, results differ from person to person, however, on a general note it is recommended 1-2 sessions every 2 weeks, with a visible change within 2-3 months, with the best results being seen at 6 months (where treatment most likely will no longer be needed except for maintenance).

So there you have it, a quick overall idea on what exactly is the BTL EXILIS ELITE treatment, on my next blog post I will write a little further in depth on the steps and process of the treatment, also which serums were used personalised to me. (Keeping it for another day, as it is A LOT to absorb).

Any questions, just ask me! Or message me on my instagram account @lifeofachocolategirl

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Further below, I have written this post also in ROMANIAN for my lovely Romanian readers, enjoy! 🙏


Am realizat recent ca de fapt îmbătrânesc, știu ca unii dintre voi va gândiți la vârsta mea și va întrebați, ce? Îmbătrânit? Dar haideți sa fim sinceri, doua nașteri, nopți nedormite cu bebelușii, si in general viața de mamă și restul haosului de zi cu zi (căruia cu drag ii fac aparțin, dar care lasă urme pe corpul meu). Și doar recent m-am trezit și am realizat ca “wow îmbătrânesc?!” Nu ca ar fi ceva foarte in neregula cu asta, dar alergând in marea majoritate a timpului, ducând copiii la grădinițe, cumpărături, cluburi cu copiii, întâlniri la prânz, cumpărături din nou, ședințe foto, vreau ca fata mea sa fie in cea ma proaspătă stare, pentru cât mai mult timp și in cel mai natural mod. Drept urmare astăzi am hotărât sa experimentez primul meu tratament facial numit – BTL EXILIS ELITE. 

Am vrut sa scriu aici pe blog puțin despre el pentru ca sincer îmi place foarte mult, neinvaziv, hidratant și personalizat pentru tenul meu, e tratamentul perfect pentru o mama extrem de activa și sinceră sa fiu pentru ați menține mintea limpede din când in când. Mulți dintre voi nu ați auzit probabil de BTL EXILIS ELITE, (nici eu, dar ma bucur ca l-am descoperit! ), prin urmăre am hotărât ca in aceast articol sa trecem peste exact ce este și in ce consta acest tratament.

Ce înseamnă BTL EXILIS ELITE? BTL EXILIS ELITE este un aparat nonevaziv pentru conturul fetei și al corpului, conceput pentru ați strânge pielea in același timp cu reducerea grasimei și a liniilor fine, a unor riduri.

Folosește o combinație de energie monopalara prin radiofrecvențe, ultrasunete pentru a stimula procesul de lipoliză (topirea grăsimilor) și remodelare cu colagen (pentru întinderea pielii) pentru a ajuta la modelarea fetei și corpului.

Cum funcționează? EXILIS ELITE folosește o combinație de energie prin radiofrecvențe( 3.4 MHz pana la 120 Watts), ultrasunete și răcirea pielii pentru a livra caldura controlată in adâncul țesutului, adresându-se astfel unor riduri mai adânci, pielii lăsate, dar și la suprafața pielii tratând riduri mai fine.

Vârful aplicatorului folosește energie termala focusată pentru a întrerupe fibrele de colagen din adâncul pielii. Acest tratament urmărește sa crească temperatura la nivelul pielii la 40-42°C timp de 4-5 minute pe fiecare arie tratată pentru a iniția colangenul strângă pielea. ( acest proces se va simți precum un masaj călduț )

Cât de repede se vor vedea rezultate? Precum cele mai comune tratamente neinvazive, rezultatele diferă de la persoana la persoana, dar ca o nota generala se recomanda 1-2 sesiuni la interval de 2 săptămâni, cu rezultate clar vizibile după 2-3 luni, iar cele mai bune rezultate după 6 luni. (După aceasta perioada cel mai probabil va fi nevoie doar menținere) .

Așa ca asta e, o idee generala asupra ce însemna tratamentul BTL ELIXIS ELITE, într-un articol viitor voi scrie mai in amănunt despre pașii și procesul acestuia precum și personalizat folosite pentru mine.

Orice întrebări aveți va rog sa îmi scrieți aici sau pe Instagram @lifeofachocolategirl

De asemenea le puteți găsi pe fete de la Cherry Beauty Lounge (unde am făcut acest tratament) pe Instagram și Facebook.


My 10 minute mommy make-up routine

To get straight to the point I’m a mom oh and I’m also a pregnant mom. For those of you who don’t know what this means, it simply means that I don’t get time. I am ALWAYS   in a rush, trust me the struggle is real. However, with some good products that allows me a 10 minute make-up routine max, it still means that in all the chaos I can still go out looking good (or at least decent), I kind of try to avoid people running for cover when they see the size of my under eye bags – my sincerest apologies if you’ve ever come across me without make-up.

So, like I said it’s a 10 minute routine, which means, not a lot of product, very well applied so that I also don’t walk around looking like I used my toddler’s face paints, I personally, when it comes to make-up on a daily basis, like to keep it simple and fresh, it may just be me, but I hate the feeling of a ‘baked face’ all day every day. So if you like a make up look that freshens your skin, covers imperfections, but feels like it’s not even there, then check out my quick routine down below

1. On a clean, freshly washed face I apply my DOUGLAS BEAUTY BALM. 

2. Apply with a beauty blender DOUGLAS 12h FOUNDATION

3. Apply well + evenly a coat of whichever lipstick I’m in the mood for – the three in the picture are my faves this month, shown in pic: NYX Soft matte lip cream (London), NYX liquid Suede (LSCL 22 Downtown Beauty) or my INGLOT HD lip tint matte. 

4. Set with some fixing mist, apply two coats of mascara and I am good to go!

If you have any other tips to give me to speed up my make-up application time, then comment or mail me and let me know, I’d love to hear them! O X O

Fashion is what you make it. 

So as I was just uploading a pic onto my Instagram, the thought came across me that my bag didn’t match my outfit and maybe I shouldn’t post it in case it looked bad. Then two seconds later, I thought to myself, ‘What the hell! Who said that my handbag didn’t match my clothes?’ – no one right? So I uploaded it. 

My last lingering thoughts before I fall asleep (it’s like 11pm here) is to always remember to be YOU. In today’s sense I specifically relate this to the fashion industry. The posts, the magazines, the role models and all the other people in the world telling us what to wear and how to wear it. I say to hell with it all and be YOU. Because being you is the best thing you can do! And hey, if it looks good on you, and you feel great it in, then make it #yourstyle and start your own ‘fashion trend’. 

– Clothes are an inner expression which we wear on our body and you are being totally false if you are wearing upon your beautiful body an outfit which someone else is telling you to wear. Being real is the way you feel and the way you want to wear it. So if it’s different to the ‘norm’ or what’s ‘socially trending’, so what? Go for it! 

Let’s take my example – a little tight white dress (BERSHKA) with some sporty shoes (GUESS) (I have a 19 month to run after otherwise it would be heels) realised I was a little bloated and grabbed the first shirt out my wardrobe which happened to be a checked shirt (BURBERRY) – then just a random electric blue handbag (who has time to match and change handbags when my toddler was screaming to be fed as I left the house that day). So that just had to do, maybe not so ‘fashionable’ but I liked it considering I threw it on in the 5 minute rush out the door, so I rocked it – as should you. 

Be R E A L, be POSITIVE, be Y O U. 

Kisses always, Chocolate Girl ⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️ 

Wella #Trendvision2016 results. 

For those of you who follow me on snapchat you will remember back to a few weeks ago where I snapped non-stop a week spent in the salon, well on this post you find out what that was all about annnnnd for those of you who don’t follow me on snapchat, let me give you a little catch up.. 

A few weeks ago my hairdresser Andreea Bogatean (from Catwalk 13 by Ramona Mindru) plucked up the courage and decided to enter her first competition…Wella Trendvision 2016 – [specific category: long hair]. Using me as her model, we spent a long, long agonizing week putting everything together, there were tears involved, frustration, babies (just my baby actually), late nights, lack of sleep and just general catastrophe every day…most of which I managed to catch on snapchat. 

Arriving at the final day we were both exhausted to the max, but we pulled through and finally it was over. She completed her file, submitted it into the contest, then came the wait.. 

A very long month. 

I’ll cut to the chase, yesterday evening we found out that SHE QUALIFIED!! But that’s not the best news, she also qualified 1st!!!!! All the hard work, stress and effort was worth it (but hey what isn’t worth the hard work?!) so this post is just a little congratulatory post to the best hairdresser, wish her all the luck in the next round!! Below are pics of the final result which have not been shown until now! Don’t forget that you can follow the contest on insta by searching the hashtag #trendvision2016 

Oh if you’re not already following my crazy journeys in Life of a Chocolate Girl, then the 👻snapchat code is: Reema.Karina

Enjoy! ⭕️❌⭕️❌

Oh and let’s never forget, that Ayan always is running around behind the glam and the glitter somewhere… So here was a sneaky backstage shot of the real deal and the #momlife angle! Multi-tasking at its finest, modeling with my toddler running on set and asking to be breastfed mid shoot, how he makes my days so much more exciting! 

Simply pink with a hint of Asian. 

I left you guys on my last blog post thinking about what kind of nude colour I was going to choose for my pedi, in the end, after not much thought and a lot of work I had to catch up on, I chose a fresh, light, pink – more specifically cappuccino by E.mi. Although a nude colour, in contrast to my dark skin it actually turns out maybe not so nude but more pinky, simple, simply pink – take a look💗 
Pedicure courtesy of Sublime Boutique by Florentina Cinos, Cluj-Napoca, RO. 

A Merry Manicure in Cluj-Napoca

Let’s get straight to the point. Nails. The perfect nails is what every girl wishes for… Christmas holidays is the time for glitzy glam, a time where we all need a glass of wine (or multiple), delicious food and some preening. And what is Christmas without Christmas nails to match the Christmas spirit, or nails manicured to perfection to match that outfit which you will be wearing for NYE? Well this year I have been a good girl and I did complete my research, after searching high and low throughout Cluj I found a girl, who literally makes your wishes come true when it comes to nails. Cristina.

This Christmas I wanted something more sparkly, elegant and girly, I had my own ideas as to how I wanted my nails and Cristina achieved this for me. Perfectly straight, thin nails with exactly the design I wanted. Not only do I now have fab nails, but it’s great to be in a warm home setting with music playing in the background, the best part? She has the lowest prices in Cluj! This is definitely where I will be doing my nails from now on!


For bookings and enquiries you can contact her on fb here

A Merry Christmas with a Merry Manicure!




It’s not how much you wear, it’s how you wear it – Five Fave! 

15 minutes left to arrive at your appointment, you’ve only managed to scrape your hair in a bun, your baby is screaming in one arm, you’re trying to do everything else with the other… Now, about that perfect make up application to which you had planned to do to make yourself look fresh and cover up lasts nights all nighter – that is, before your baby started screaming… I have a confession to make, I should firstly start by stating this posts’ title is very misleading (almost a lie – oops!). I don’t actually have only 5 favorite make up products, as my ‘favorite’, more so this is more about my ‘five favorite fifteen minute routine’, make up products.

Recently I am in LOVE with the whole make up shizazzle (yeah, yeah I know that’s not really a word). With all the apps, media, technology available to us just a touch or a click away, I find myself spending many a time browsing, surfing, clicking through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, admiring and picking up tips. It makes me realize just how magical make up is, it’s an art in itself, it allows a person to be whoever they want to be and gives them the confidence to venture out into the world even on a rainy day  – but make up, its importance and why we do it? Well, that’s for another days blog post!

For now, we are all aware that it’s almost impossible to be perfectly painted everyday. (As a new mommy, I can definitely say that I don’t always have the time). Many a time we find ourselves in the situation where we just have to rush out, or simply don’t have the time, patience or effort levels to make ourselves up properly, but still want to look presentable. (Remember that time you ran out to the store with your ‘no make up on, I’m hungover, I’ve been partying all night long face’, to buy some milk, then ended up running into your latest crush, so you thought you’d die of embarrassment? I do!) then you vowed you’d never do that again, but would just like to have a make up routine that’s effortless, everyday and ‘boyfriend jeans natural’ at the same time? Well I think I found the key…

Many teenage years I’ve spent experimenting with make up, playing with looks – some of which I’m super embarrassed about until date. Then I transitioned to having a signature look, but would wake up an hour early before uni to ‘perfect’ this look. Then I became a mother. No time for playing around or games then. You have a screaming baby in one arm, or trying to breastfeed, it’s 12.45, you have an important appointment to attend to at 13.00 (15 minutes and its ticking down). You’re determined to cover those bags under your eyes from the new mommy sleepless nights, how?! Here’s the trick…

It’s all in the products – make sure when picking your products you pick something that suits you, regardless of which product your best friend or anyone else is using. I always used to follow the trend, until I realized that a product which really went with my skin decreased my make up application time like times 100. Find your ideal, and just go with it.

So finally, my five fave. 

1. MAC PREP + PRIME Skin Base Visage. It’s only been since I’ve given birth that I’ve realized just how much of a MUST this is. This is a primer, I’ve owned it for ages but never used it because I never really saw the point, however, I’ll just assume I didn’t need it before, because since I’ve realized the difference, I cannot go without. Priming your face before a foundation application makes all the difference. It moisturizes, brightens and sets the foundation easily on top. It’s the key to getting that refreshed, I’m so natural I’m not hungover look. ( I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but on days where I’m more tired or dehydrated my foundation looks awful no matter what. –  well yeah, priming fixes that problem, I promise!!)

2. MAC STUDIO FIX FLUID I use this in NW40. This is the foundation of foundations. It’s light and easy and super quick to apply as part of that 15 minute routine. But also is magic in the way that if you wanted to have a thicker coverage and make you look more made up, you simply let the first layer dry and just build up from there. (No more buying an ‘everyday foundation’ and a ‘foundation for the club’, yay!)

3. MAC PRO LONGWEAR CONCEALER CACHE-CERNES I use this in NW35, I CANNOT live without this. If I went out without this, I’d look like a zombie and people would surely run for their lives ( I don’t mean to scare anyone out of having children, but having a newborn really does affect your sleep, especially if you’re breastfeeding and on me it shows all in the dark circles under my eyes.) I simply apply this under my eyes and blend it in with my foundation, it makes me look brand new, I love it.

4. MAC RETRACTABLE EYEBROW PENCIL I’m currently using this in brunette, as my hair is brown. Fairly explainable as I have thin eyebrows and when they’re covered by foundation they look like no brows, so this is natural looking, quick and easy to just fill in your eyebrows.

5. MAC FALSE LASHES MASCARA I have teeny tiny eyes, and super short eyelashes, so I like to apply a quick coat of black false lash mascara to open up my eyes and make me look more presentable, just brush the wand through your eyelashes and you’re ready to go!

They’re my 5 most important and favourite make up products for every day. I don’t like to wear tons of make up every day, neither do I have time to do so, however, I do like to go out looking presentable, and this is my quickest combination to achieve that refreshed look. It’s also super manageable (I’ve managed to do this routine whilst ROCKING my crying baby or breastfeeding him – super mommy I hear you say?!) 
You could finish this look off with some Chapstick, to moisturizes your lips, I’d take a picture of mine but my husband has stolen it. 

Tell me about your five favourite make up products, I’d love to know!