December to do list.

It’s mid December already, the new year is nearly here, I feel like I’ve done so much already, yet, there’s still so much to do! I definitely have a traditional list of things which naturally has become a habit to complete over the years, I feel like it makes December ‘Christmassy’, spreads amazing energy and fills us with gratitude and love for the rest of the year. Below I’ll list all the things I do before the year ends.

  • Do an act of ‘charity’. Whilst many of us are fortunate, emotionally, physically and financially, it seems to become more obvious the older we get that not everyone is as lucky as us. And whilst we celebrate there are those around us who don’t get the chance. Christmas is about loving and giving so I make it a MUST to give. It doesn’t have to be money necessarily, an extra act of kindness, a hug to those who need it, acts of sincerity, they go a long way.
  • Write Christmas letter with the kids. This is a TOTAL WIN/WIN activity, as writing Christmas letters is definitely a fun activity (the more glitter the better) and at the same time I have it in writing what the kids want from Santa! Clever right?
  • Christmas Markets by night and sweet mulled wine. I’m not an alcohol drinker, nor your typical ‘wine’ kinda woman, however, I just love the Christmas lights on a cold winter evening, the cozy atmosphere, love and laughter found at the heart of a Christmas market with a glass of warm wine in my hands as I enjoy these beautiful evenings.
  • Putting up the Christmas tree, of course everyone does this and it’s one of the most beautiful moments of the month.
  • Reflecting on the year that has just passed. Reflection I find, is my healer and a way of bettering myself. I like to think of the good and maybe not so good things I have done throughout the year, identify them and hope that the good which I have done, to complete and enforce them as much as I can, whilst identifying the bad helps with changing. You can’t change what you’re not aware of right?
  • Writing New Years resolutions. Really not ONE year has passed since I learnt how to write where I didn’t write a New Years Resolution, funny enough for me, my resolutions actually help keep me on track!
  • Christmas shopping, but not to the extreme. I feel honestly, that for a lot of people, Christmas has become more about presents and less about the act of giving. In my family and extended family we love to give presents that are cute, funny, fun to open but not necessarily an emphasis on physical value. Christmas Day is always full of laughter!
  • Celebrating my son’s birthday, my sweet little boy is born just 10 days before Christmas so of course every year it becomes that little bit more eventful organising birthday plans in the month of December.

Anyways, here’s my list for now, let me know how do you like to end your year? 


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