10 places I’m BABYWEARING through holidays.

It’s the countdown until the New Year and everyone is rushing around doing their last minute Christmas shopping; presents, food, wrapping paper, tinsel, glitz and glam. I am one of those people. My baby boy is not a baby boy anymore and actually just turned 3. Making my christmas shopping a whole lot harder as of course Santa now is an existant person in our house. Of course ‘santa’ has completed his rounds for the babies, yet there is still friends and family to buy for. Of course, as my title indicates, I’ll be babywearing and down below I’ll list my TOP 10 places where you’ll find me and my babies. If you want to purchase your own ISARA baby carrier this x-mas (because c’mon is there a better present) then just click HERE

#1 THE MALL (doing my shopping of course)

#2 THE CHRISTMAS MARKET (drinking some spiced wine and eating roasted chestnuts)

#3 KAUFLAND (where I find my fave vegan produce)

#4 WALKS TO THE OFFICE (Santa’s secret grotto, where all the magic takes place and where the presents will never be found 🙂 )

#5 AT THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS (We love the little things in life and a visit to Christmas lights on a cold evening is the most uplifting, fun and free activity to do with my babies every winter)

#6 CARTURESTI (Those who don’t live in my city wont get this but basically it’s my favourite book store – I’ll walk there when it’s my baby girl’s nap time and whilst she’s snoozing away in the ISARA I’ll settle down with a good book and some quiet time for an hour, bliss!)

#7 WALKS WITH CLIFFY (my puppy, if you haven’t met him already, check out my VLOGS on YT)

#8 X-MAS PARTIES (because who said you couldn’t party anymore, having my ISARA is EXACTLY the reason I can attend all my child friendly parties with my babies)

#9 BABY GROUPS (as Christmas is such a busy period I love taking quality time out to focus just on the babes and me, quality time + play time)

#10 CAR – APARTMENT TRIPS (what do you do when you’ve got a bunch of shopping in the car to be carried up, yet you also have a baby too? Easy, slip your ISARA on, your baby into it, then you have not one but TWO hands free to carry that stuff upstairs.)

So there’s the TOP 10 PLACES you’ll find me this Christmas holiday with my ISARA. Where can I find you with yours?

Let me know in the comments below! Catch you next time!


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