Trying to find an equilibrium.

As I attempt to type out this post, I have a nearly threenager crying in his bedroom because he doesn’t want his nappy changed and a 7 month oldm trying to type out her own blog post on my keyboard. You see, the thing is, I see all these ‘insta moms’ with the perfect profile pics and the perfect cutesie kids who pose for the camera. Never missing a blog post, a workout and always religiously posting and updating their instagram. Then, there’s me, perfectly imperfect. Missing months at a time without posting on my blog, although I vow everytime, that I will post daily. I don’t even remember the last time I had a good workout, actually I don’t even remember the last time I had one hour to myself. I would say that when I sleep I do, but then again I’m a co-sleeper and a breastfeeder, so of course. That’s not to myself.

Now it may seem like I’m complaining, seriously though, I am not. I guess the only thing I’m trying to say is that whilst it may have taken my fellow insta mama’s not so long to find their daily routine, it has taken me a whole 7 months to get into the flow of things. In those 7 months, I’ve also travelled 4 countries with 2 babies. Hosted a Christening, had my toddler join a new school, and also sign myself up to school. Also a lot of amazing going on in my life. It’s been crazy going since I’ve had two children, it’s been wonderful and it’s been time consuming, moreover, it’s been magical. And although my blog currently has no ‘scope’ as one would say, it is merely some kind of online diary, which is fine by me because my blog is after all Life of a Chocolate Girl, and this after all, is my life. I am in some way finally finding some equilibrium. Thank you, my subscribers for being on this journey with me and for those of you who want to know just how hard it is getting stuff done, I’m putting my latest VLOG below. Until next time…

Reema xoxox





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