Week 33

Okay seriously, at this point is it legal to PANIC  yet?! Time is honestly flying by, as you can see I barely get time to even update the blog, even though I would so like to do that more, plus, on top of that I keep falling asleep whilst putting Ayan to bed. Totally a third trimester fatigue symptom! Okay, so let’s do the facts! 

  • Baby is weighing in at over 4lbs! (I know my chuky monkey definitely is from my most recent scan)
  • Baby is around 17 inches, according to the WTE app this is the size of a pineapple, although I beg to differ, over on this side of Europe we seriously don’t get pineapples that big #sorrynotsorry
  • Your baby technically is the newborn that he/she will be, except a much smaller and skinnier version. These last few weeks are mostly for filling out with fat, maturing of all the organs especially the lungs therefore there are no ‘developmental changes’ as such.
  • If you gave birth at this point, baby has a 97% chance of survival! – HOWEVER, this is NOT recommended to even try inducing birth in any way. The human gestation period is around 40 weeks for a reason give or take a couple of weeks either side, waiting until both you and baby are naturally ready for birth day ensures the healthiest baby for you to enjoy!

This is just a quick recap of the factual things at this point in the pregnancy, it is currently 5am in the morning and I have been tossing and turning since 3am (no thanks to pregnancy insomnia), therefore, my next post will be a catch up on MY pregnancy – a lot os symptoms have popped up for me and barely any of them I am enjoying, also a list of third trimester symptoms as I feel that there are too many and I need more than a shared post to write them all! Catch you on the next post!

Reema Ox 


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