Week 27

Know the Facts

From a factual point of week 27, baby is weighing in at around 2lbs already and is around 14.5 inches with his/her legs stretched out (so more than a ruler length), can  you believe it?! I know I say that like every week, but c’mon, how fast are these little munchkins growing? I still remember writing the poppy seed blog post and now baby is more like the size of a giant cauliflower head (according to babycentre) but to be honest I’ve never seen a cauliflower that big before. Baby is sleeping and waking at regular intervals now, just like a newborn and in fact from a personal point, this little baby seems to have a FIXED routine. I can literally at this point estimate when baby will be sleeping/awake and so far I haven’t been wrong, pretty cool right?

From my own background research, it seems that around this time as we are nearing the end of the second trimester, new symptoms start appearing and things begin to get harder again. I cannot say that in this pregnancy this has been particularly true (for which I am sooo thankful). Sincerely, I found this pregnancy so much harder in the long term, that now, when I am able to do a great deal, manage my life again, be in control and just generally have a lot of energy for a pregnant woman, it is having a positive effect and I am feeling GREAT. Fingers crossed this lasts near to the very end, as although I am getting so much done, I still have so much to do (seeing as I spent the first half of this pregnancy feeling like I was trying to stay alive). IF I was to complain however, and I’m just putting this out there so you get an idea of how my body is feeling at this point, then these are the symptoms I am currently suffering (although I kind of just manage them).

  1. EXTREME HEARTBURN – I had this with my first pregnancy too, I could swear my insides are burnt to a chemical crisp and that is no joke.
  2. SCIATICA – I complain about this non-stop, I did have this within my first pregnancy, but much later on whereas this time round it started so early, however, I have noticed it is SO MUCH WORSE when I am physically tired and when I’ve been doing a lot during the day, so towards the evening, I try and take it easy!
  3. PELVIC PAIN – I have no idea why I suffer this occasionally, sometimes I feel nothing at all and some nights I can’t turn over in bed because I have to use my legs to do that and the pain just makes it impossible – I’ll just put that one down to pregnancy.
  4. BACK PAIN/TRAPPED NERVES – this symptom bothers me the least, I know for sure that at some point I’ll definitely have to do something about this, as I am so worried that my back will give way before it’s time otherwise. But I am so used to back pain over the last few years, that I’m kinda just used to it. I will be in the near future getting massages and doing back workouts to reinforce back strength.
  5. TIREDNESS– I think this is something everyone suffers generally anyways, as I’m up so early then on my feet all day, it’s so rare I can keep my eyes open past 11pm nowadays, I know that’s not exactly a symptom but I just thought I’d throw that in there. If you don’t have other children then please believe me when I say sleep is important, I wish I had got more rest the first time round 🙂

So from me, that’s about it baby, symptom and pregnancy wise. I know that pregnancies can greatly vary at this point, how do your symptoms differ to mine? See you next time on the blog with my WEEK 27 WORKOUT (So happy I can finally say this).

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