Week 19 + Workout

This week marks a super important week during the pregnancy (I ironically say, as I know, I know EVERY week is important during pregnancy). However, this week is one of my favourites as remember all that food you ate last week? Well hopefully it was as nutritional as you could manage because this week baby needs all that excess energy to develop his/her SENSORY SKILLS! What does this mean? This means that baby’s brain is designating specialised areas for touch, taste, hearing, vision and smell. Research suggests that baby can actually begin to hear our voices round about this week, so don’t be shy to read, speak or sing to baby – during my first pregnancy I found this an extremely embarrasing thing to do for some reason, even when I was alone, so didn’t do it much. However this pregnancy as I already have a toddler, I am forever singing baby songs, reading baby books etc. etc. so I sure hope my little one is hearing it all in there too!

Below is my (sciatic)  workout. I don’t believe what I do at the gym can be called workout anymore due to the fact that I barely do anything from the back pain (pregnancy for you), however, as I still documented it, I’ll just write it down anyways so that you guys can see what I did, however after these poor performances, I seriously considered taking a looong break from the gym until my back healed a little!

10 mins cardio – 41 calories

20 reps x 4 sets double bicep curls 

10 mins cardio 

20 reps x 4 sets adductor

10 mins walking 

Oblique side bends 10 reps each side x 4 sets 

10 mins running 

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