WEEK 18 + workout

At week 18 baby already weighs about 7 ounces, about the wight of a BELL PEPPER, they’re also roughly around this size too. Baby is practising flexing those teeny little arms and legs and soon in the upcoming weeks, you’ll definitely start to feel those too! Exciting!

Another symptom for us mama’s which I was DEFINITELY feeling, is an increase in appetite. As baby is growing bigger by the minute there is a bigger demand from our bodies for more nutrients and more energy (from food). Although in comparison to my first pregnancy where I ate very healthy, I have found that this pregnancy eating healthy has been a difficult task for me, however, I still try every day (even if I do mess up by the end of the night) – and this is what is the most important! Also as you guys already know, even if I don’t manage a kick ass workout, I always try at least to get my ass IN the gym, just so that I don’t get OUT of routine, so below is my workout for week 18.


.N.B. my workouts are not extreme AT ALL because my sciatica from this week has been extremely bad, so bad that sometimes I could barely walk, however, I have managed to ‘control’ the symptoms without painkillers and will post a blog post soon about helping sciatics during pregnancy.

10 minutes cycling – 50 calories 

20 minutes walking – 80 calories 

17 mins cycling – 100 calories 

5km on treadmill – 38 mins – 345 calories

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