Starting from this week baby will begin to double in size over the next few weeks, scary right? And if you haven’t already started showing, then now is about the time when your abdomen will start to look like a little bump. Thank goodness for that, I swear I’d just been looking fat these past few weeks! Talking about gaining weight, during this trimester the average women should gain about 6/7kg, if you’ve gained a little less or even a little more then it’s not to worry, this obviously varies to each women and they’re starting weight in the first place. However, for those who are unsure I will soon be posting a blog post all about weight gain, dealing with weight gain and a mini guideline on how much we should be gaining. With also tips on how to nutritionally, physically and emotionally manage the weight gain, so watch out for that.

In other exciting news, some may begin to feel movements called ‘quickening’, although these women usually are already mothers. During first pregnancies  many don’t feel movement until 20 weeks and some even as late as 24 weeks! So don’t worry if you aren’t feeling movements. With my first pregnancy I felt movements inbetween the 20-21 week, so definitely for me no signs of movement during this week in either of my pregnancies!

Have any of you felt movement this early? Let me know how you’re feeling this week! 

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