So this week’s major development is baby can now pull all sorts of funny faces in practise for when he/she will be making funny faces at you! Thanks to impulses from the brain, baby can now squint, grimace, frown and maybe even smile, practising one facial expression after another. If that isn’t cool enough baby can now also pee! Already! Although no nappies are needed yet (of course) baby’s kidneys are full functioning and are producing urine every day which they will release into the amniotic fluid around them.

In other news, welcome officially to second trimester! If you’re anything like me then your breasts may feel less painful, your nausea may be entirely gone and best of all your energy may be coming back to you, finally enabling you to feel human again! Second trimester is by far my favourite as I’m not so big and whale like and I am finally able to do normal errands again, yay!



20 mins cardio – 221 calories 

15 reps x 4 sets double bicep curls

70 reps inner thigh abductor

12 reps x 4 sets tricep pull downs

20 reps x 4 sets thigh adductor 

15 reps x 4 sets thigh abductor

12 reps x 2 sets bicep curls 

10 ab crunchers

10 mins walking 

20 reps x 4 sets bicep curls 

20 reps x 4 sets each side oblique crunches 

20 reps x 4 sets pull down crunches

20 reps x 2 sets crunches 

20 reps x 3 sets oblique crunches 

12 reps x 2 sets lying full leg raisers

10 minutes walking