Week 13

This week in comparison to last week nothing much is really happening this week, except for the continous growth of a little human inside you.

Although baby is taking a little break this week from all the drastic changes that are happening every day, a lot of emotional and physical change will start taking place for us. During week 13 my nausea faded away and then all of a sudden it was replaced with a inconsolable hunger, I think I ate around 4 months worth of food during this week, a little downside to week 13 for me. On the plus side I finally managed to get into the gym and complete a couple of workouts (which I will be posting online later). I also felt leess fatigued which was great, if any of you have ever suffered fatigue before it can be an absolute killer, especially when you are so used to being active. Another fun little fact this week: although birth is still so far away our breasts have already started making colostrum in preparation for our little newborns, pretty cool huh?!

Soon I’ll be posting on the blog all about healthy eating and the importance of diet during our pregnancy, although how strict we are on our intake isn’t a realistic necessity (I know some women manage to do amazing throughout the whole pregnancy). It is important to get all the necessary nutrients needed to grow a cute, little bundle of joy. Catch you on the next post! O X O

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