Week 12 of Pregnancy

Although it’s been a while since I posted in the pregnancy series (due to other commitments), I have been making notes alongside the rest of the crazy-ness going on, so that when I do post, although retrospectively, the posts will be accurate to the pregnancy. In other news, I am profusely sorry for my lack of posting and I absolutely promise to catch up on the pregnancy series, not only that but also bring some new stuff to the table for the blog this year – all exciting news. So where were we? Week 12…

An exciting milestone in the pregnancy, first trimester is O V E R, I personally am not a fan of 1st trimester and I literally count down the days until I reach week 12. Around this time or soon after nausea, vomiting, first pregnancy fatigue and all the other uncomfortable symptoms begin to ease out. It’s almost like seeing light at the end of the tunnel. For me, at exactly 11 weeks and 6 days I begin feeling much better than I’ve felt in a long time and finally ate something that wasn’t processed or potatoes (I’ve had the most awful diet this pregnancy – gender guesses anyone?)

Enough about me, what’s happening with baby in there? Well for starters, baby is the size of a lime – this may not seem big but from poppy seed to lime in just 8 weeks sure is a hell of a growth spurt! The most dramatic news this week and by far the coolest until this point, is that baby will begin opening his fingers and toes at some point this week and his mouth will begin to make sucking movements, crazy right? Our little miniature human beings are already practising ‘baby habits’ from now.

So as well as being an exciting milestone during the pregnancy, week 12 is also an exciting time for baby, a time where they are undoubtedly human if you had a window and could peek inside the womb. Anyhow, that’s enough excitement for today, catch you in week 13!


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