A Happy New Year 2017 

As 2016 ends I think of the many things I’ve accomplished this year and all the things I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. It has been a weird and wonderful year in the life of the chocolate  girl, from welcoming Cliffy to the family at the beginning of the year, to ending the year with much anticipation for our new arrival which will be joining our family APRIL 2017. 

I hope for this year to be filled with health, happiness and much laughter, for me and for all my readers. Thank you for the continuous support I receive from you all and this year we hope to see sometime in the near future a make-over for life of chocolate girl. As for the #pregnancyseries  although due to other commitments it hasn’t been as up to date as it should be 2017 means I have allocated time to dedicate specifically and make it better than ever, so all exciting news! 

Once again, thank you for being a loyal reader, each and every one means so much to me! I wish you all a prosperous New Year with only the best coming your way & I hope this year I ensure the blog brings only the best to you! 

With love, Reema ⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️

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