My 10 minute mommy make-up routine

To get straight to the point I’m a mom oh and I’m also a pregnant mom. For those of you who don’t know what this means, it simply means that I don’t get time. I am ALWAYS   in a rush, trust me the struggle is real. However, with some good products that allows me a 10 minute make-up routine max, it still means that in all the chaos I can still go out looking good (or at least decent), I kind of try to avoid people running for cover when they see the size of my under eye bags – my sincerest apologies if you’ve ever come across me without make-up.

So, like I said it’s a 10 minute routine, which means, not a lot of product, very well applied so that I also don’t walk around looking like I used my toddler’s face paints, I personally, when it comes to make-up on a daily basis, like to keep it simple and fresh, it may just be me, but I hate the feeling of a ‘baked face’ all day every day. So if you like a make up look that freshens your skin, covers imperfections, but feels like it’s not even there, then check out my quick routine down below

1. On a clean, freshly washed face I apply my DOUGLAS BEAUTY BALM. 

2. Apply with a beauty blender DOUGLAS 12h FOUNDATION

3. Apply well + evenly a coat of whichever lipstick I’m in the mood for – the three in the picture are my faves this month, shown in pic: NYX Soft matte lip cream (London), NYX liquid Suede (LSCL 22 Downtown Beauty) or my INGLOT HD lip tint matte. 

4. Set with some fixing mist, apply two coats of mascara and I am good to go!

If you have any other tips to give me to speed up my make-up application time, then comment or mail me and let me know, I’d love to hear them! O X O