My Pregnancy Workouts

As promised I will be posting my workout for every week, it must be noted here at this point and for the rest of the pregnancy that I am literally posting ONLY and EXACTLY what I have completed at the gym. Some workout sessions may seem ‘up to standard’ and some may seem like I’ve been to the gym but almost haven’t done anything at all. This is because although I planned to and have aimed to workout throughout my whole pregnancy, some weeks (or most of first trimester I should say) I barely made it to the gym either due to nausea or fatigue, but also if I did manage to get to the gym and the workout started out good, but I began to feel any types of aches or pains, then I would immediately stop. This is probably the most important factor when pregnant and working out. On a usual day I’m all up for the ‘no pain, no gain’ motto. However, when pregnant this is quite the contrary. Our bodies are slightly more worn out, more tired and we are carrying and growing something extremely fragile and precious during our time of pregnancy, it is a time where we MUST listen to our bodies. Although sometimes it can be upsetting knowing that you came all that way to the gym to barely manage to do anything (especially  when certain pregnancies seem to be more full of aches and pains – like this pregnancy of mine) – I like to keep in mind the important factor that my body knows itself best and if it’s telling me to stop then that is what i must do, and hey, it’s only for 9 months anyways right?

So that’s about all that I have to say about my pregnancy workouts, next blog post will be my week 6 workout. Don’t forget to check it out!

O X O 

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