Week 5 Baby Battle

Weight at 5 weeks pregnant with Ayan: 57kg

Weight at 5 weeks pregnant with baby #2: 48.6kg

How I felt: At this point of the pregnancy, with both of them I (like a majority of pregnant women) obviously didn’t show, however I suffered major bloating with both the pregnancies, so by the end of the evening, I went to bed with the impression that I looked about 4 months pregnant – and that was a downer (no thanks to the hormones). Also at this point in BOTH pregnancies I had lost a little bit of weight already due to the nausea and morning sickness. The first pregnancy being way more severe than the other. Whilst pregnant with Ayan I literally was throwing up everything I ate and had lost my appetite for food, whereas with the second pregnancy, I had a constant nausea, that seemed to be accompanied by a constant hunger in order to get rid of the nausea! So week 5 in pregnancy number 2 was like a total carb fueling week for me.

Diet: Stomaching anything I could take – literally! At this point with the nausea with both I really couldn’t be bothered to watch what I ate, and more importantly I was trying to get food down me and keep it down!

Vitamins: Folic acid – this vitamin is EXTREMELY important in the first trimester + for actively trying mothers, as far as I know it is recommended in all countried to be taken during the first trimester of pregnancy.

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