Week 5

Fun Fact: Baby is the size of an APPLE SEED 

Although most people only found out they were pregnant a week ago, and are barely registering the fact that they are pregnant, baby is already growing at an extremely fast pace. From being as tiny as a poppy seed last week, it is already the size of an apple seed in week 5! That’s right! Baby is growing so rapidly it has already near quadrupled in size. Whilst the pregnancy is still not visible to yourself or anyone else, pregnancy symptoms wil be starting to appear during this week, due to the hard work and effore that the body is putting in. Some signs are bearable and some may be not so pleasant, everyone is different, and believe it or not some women have no symptoms at all!

With this pregnancy my symptoms started quite late at around 5 weeks and 6 days, but because they had started so early last time I was beginning to feel paranoid that something wasn’t quite right (I’ll blame that on the irrational pregnancy hormones, may I?) However when it reached exactly week 5 + 6 days, I woke up and the nausea had hit me HARD and I was wondering why I had been paranoid and wishing for symptoms in the first place. Alongside the nausea I had vomiting, they go hand in hand, and intense fatigue in week 5. Fatigue is the most predominant symptom in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy due to the fact that the body is working so hard to in theory ‘form all the fine details of the baby’. As well as making sure the baby is developing well and rapidly the body is also working hard to form the placenta which will be the baby’s protection and nutrient base for the next nine months. If that wasn’t enough, our bodies also are having to accomodate with all these changes taking place, so good food and an adequate amount of rest (if possible) is important in the first trimester of pregnancy.

So taking all that in, whilst all this dramatic change is taking place in the body, what exactly is changing for little baby in there (except for rapid growth of course)? Baby is now ‘made up’ of three layers, ectoderm (top layer), mesoderm (middle layer) and endoderm deepest layer. 

In the ectodermbaby’s brain, spinal cord, nerves and backbone will shortly start to form.

In the mesodermthe circulatory system and the heart have started to function, in fact, how scary as it may seem the heart is already dividing into chambers and pumping blood through the body! The rest of the mesoderm will go on to form cartilage, bone and muscles.

In the endodermthis layer will become the lungs, intestines, urinary system, as well as the liver, pancreas and thyroid.

Oh and if all that wasn’t enough for you, the primitive placenta which when fully formed will provide all the nutrients and oxygen to the baby is already getting to work this week!

A LOT is happening this week, so whilst it all may be so new to you (even if it isn;t your first time pregnant) baby and body are already on the job getting baby to grow in time to meet you!


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