WEEK 4 baby battle 

So as promised every week I’m going to be doing my general stats for this pregnancy vs. the stats for this time last pregnancy. As you’ve probably heard, every pregnancy is soooo different so this isn’t really a comparison, yet more of a fun ‘spot the difference’to see how much one pregnancy can differ to another. 

So I found out I was pregnant with both pregnancies during week 4. 
Pregnancy with Ayan +ve test: 4 weeks + 1 day. 

Pregnancy with baby #2 +ve test: 4 weeks + 3 days. 

I’d actually been trying for baby number 2 for a while and when it wasn’t happening I just kinda gave it a break, however, one Saturday after a week of Ayan having abnormal behavior, saying ‘baby’ continuously, I decided to go out and buy a test, by this point it seemed like standard procedure of every month anyways. And of course it came out with a strong positive straight away, totally giving credit to that old wives tale about how babies can tell when you’re pregnant – true story guys. 

Weight when I found out I was pregnant with Ayan: 57.8kg 

Weight when I found out I was pregnant with baby #2: 49kg 
Massive difference there, I never really looked fat back then, must have been puppy fat or something, but I was indeed almost 10kg heavier! Crazy right! 
My height (for those who asked): 158cm 

How I felt: with both of the pregnancies at this point I didn’t really feel anything except for maybe bloated, or water retented, just like when the time of month is about to make an appearance, to me there really wasn’t much difference, although, I know many women feel so many other symptoms this early on. Wasn’t the case for me (thank God). 
Diet: unhealthy with both! I always have a mini binge week before every period, if you’re a woman you’ll know what I mean. And as my ‘symptoms’ were just ‘period symptoms’ I kind of didn’t sweat it and was just eating junk. 
 Vitamins: I was taking folic acid already when I found out that I was pregnant with Ayan as I was actively trying. And I will be writing a future blog post on WHY folic acid is so important in first trimester. 

With the second pregnancy I wasn’t taking any type of vitamins, however I was taking L-carnitine pre-workout, which I stopped taking as soon as the test came out positive as not enough research has been carried out on taking this amino acid during pregnancy. 

So as you can see WEEK 4 generally is quite a boring week on the outside as we barely register we are pregnant but not on the inside, to see what’s happening on the interior and baby’s development, check out my other post on WEEK 4! 

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