Essential Oils during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very joyous time for an expectant mother, however at the same time, we cannot deny that alongside with the joy of making and growing a baby human inside us it can really take a toll on our body at times.

I’d heard a lot about essential oils in the past but never really educated myself about them or their uses, that was until first trimester of this pregnancy hit. I honestly felt so nauseous, rough and just down beat in every single way that I seriously began to wonder if I would make it through to the rest of the pregnancy (pregnancy hormones can make you irrational okay!). I’m really against medication (if it can be avoided during pregnancy) and I am definitely more into the use of herbal and natural remedies, so I decided to give the whole aromatherapy and essential oils a try…

I honestly can say that they really work! I received a few samples of different fragrances (all with different uses and purposes) and I have used them carefully and sparingly throughout this pregnancy and I will continue using them for the rest of the pregnancy as and when needed. The best part? Not only did I use them for myself but for my family too! So as of now I definitely foresee myself becoming a ‘collector’.

Over the next week with upcoming blog posts I will go more in depth about each specific essential oil I have used so far and how they work but before I do that, it must be stated that as natural as they are, an almost dark beauty of them is that they can be potent and cause harm if not used correctly. Therefore in today’s post before elaborating on essential oils, I’m listing some basic do’s and don’ts for essential oil usage during pregnancy. 



  • citrus oils, such as tangerine and neroli
  • German camomile
  • common lavender
  • frankincense
  • black pepper
  • peppermint
  • ylang ylang
  • eucalyptus
  • bergamot
  • cypress
  • tea tree oil (not in labour)
  • geranium
  • spearmint



  • Nutmeg, which may have hallucinogenic effects and react with pain relieving drugs during labour.
  • Rosemary, which is thought to increase blood pressure, and may cause contractions.
  • Basil, which is thought to contribute to abnormal cell development.
  • Jasmine and clary sage, which may trigger contractions.
  • Sage and rose, which may cause bleeding in your uterus (womb).
  • Juniper berry, which may affect your kidneys.
  • Laurel
  • Angelica
  • Thyme
  • Cumin
  • Aniseed



  • Always contact a doctor or someone in the medical profession if in doubt about any certain oil.
  • Make sure that your pregnancy is going safe and well before using any type of product that has a medicinal effect on the body – if in doubt check with a doctor.
  • Essential oils in pregnancy should always be diluted in a carrier oil or water if used in a oil burner (not enough research has been done to show the effects of undiluted essential oils on the foetus)
  • Ingestion of essential oils should be avoided whilst pregnant
  • Make sure the essential oil is pure – there are a lot of oils on the market that are absolvents or solvent extracted ‘essential oils’, most of the time these are mixed with hexane or butane to retain the fragrance of the essential oil, and this is not safe.

The essential oils which I used and I would personally recommend can be ordered from @naturally_beautiful_oils – she can be found on instagram, all the essential oils I have used have been from her and not only are they pure, they also come with a handbook to help you  use them safely, moreover the seller is always open to any questions or help or advice (being a first time user I had a lot of questions) and she is open to helping you guide your way with your usage of essential oils!

Tonight I will be lighting some lavender in my oil burner to fight my pregnancy insomnia, but more about that tomorrow. Goodnight my Chocolate Lovers!

O X O X O X O X 

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