Finding the perfect fit love.

Today we live in a world where fitness, diets and exercise play a massive role in our day to day lives. Why? Because of the sedentary lifestyle which although we may not want to be a part of, becomes a part of us due to the rapid growth of the cyber world and all the technology that surrounds us.

How? Well think about it, our coffee is made by mechanical machines, a majority of us sit working at screens all day, only to finish work maybe go and do some food shopping only to find out when you’re finished and go to pay, that the cashier is not a human but in fact an automated robot that does it for you. So as all the labour activity is being replaced every day by robots, what are we humans doing instead? We’re taking up fitness regimes, diet regimes and all kinds of health kicks to keep ourselves in shape and in the best health. Is that a bad thing? Of course not! Quite the contrary, this new modern fitness rage which has engulfed a majority of our population has been one of the best ‘fashion kicks’ of this century. There are a whole lot of pros to this lifestyle, and almost, no cons, in fact…just one I can think of. How does the fitness world affect the dating world?

What I mean to say is, we are already so busy with work, hobbies, going to the gym, our diets (I know I am) and all the other little things we do on a day to day basis in our lives. Where do we also fit in time for dating? Let alone a relationship? Do many amongst us stay single in order to achieve our goals? I mean is it possible to find someone who is just as into fitness as we are? Who’s going to look at the menu with us? Can anyone be bothered to count calories with us? And join us on our workouts? If the soul other in fitness exists then where can you find one? They say that finding someone with common interests can be found at the place of interests, but in this case it’s not quite that simple is it? How do we find the perfect person at the gym when everyone is focusing on their grind? How do you go to a restaurant and tell which person is looking at the same part of the menu as you (the lower cal part of course) and even if you can pick that person out from a crowd, a restaurant is not seemingly the place to walk up to someone and socialise without seeming crazy. Is it?

In most other cases, finding the soul other is easier when it comes to other hobbies, let’s take some examples, if you’re a swimmer, you’ll probably find your love chilling in speedo’s by the pool, if you’re a book lover you’ll probably find them in a library or a good old book store. But this is a different story for us on the first line fitness front, however, wait there, I think I’ve found an answer for you! After you’ve finished work and are probably meal prepping or at the gym then what better way to check out a -> dating site . As mentioned before, where technology is taking over then why should we stay single due to this fact? Use the same technology to find the love of our lives, not just for work and our too well known fitness selfies. Helping us find the one most matched for us and let’s not settle for any less! So YES, that does mean, even if you are a fitness freak, and you have been wondering if there is someone like you out there, then there is also an outlet to find them. You just didn’t know where to look until now. So now you do, get started and find your perfect fit love today! ❤

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