Summer vibes in Sibiu 

I sleepily open my eyes, it’s Saturday morning, the weekend is here. The church bells are ringing and little Ayan is curled in a ball dozing away right next to me. Oh how beautiful he is, with his olive skin, carbon black hair, little red cheeks and those little details down to his tiny toes. Babies, the only beings that really are so pure, flawless & beautiful. The sun rays are warming my body through my glass balcony and it’s only 8.30am, my iPhone tells me it is already 24 degrees but will soon be 32degrees maybe hotter..

Crystal clear, without a fluffy white cloud in sight, the sky is the most beautiful azure blue. I’m breathing summer. What shall we do today? Where shall our souls take us? A little road trip maybe? Today we will go to Sibiu. Ayan is stirring, soon he’ll wake up, but yes, today we are going to Sibiu. 

I could tell you all the facts about Sibiu, but for sure you don’t have to join me on the blog to find them as you can find them anywhere on the net. You know what you can’t find on the net? How this beautiful city makes you feel. Do you want to know? Let me tell you…

As you enter the county, the wide spread streets are painted with picturesque terraced houses (a german influenced architecture for sure), each house a different color, but all the same so similiar with little pointy roofs for when the rain falls upon them. You wind down along the quiet peaceful roads until you reach the center. Sibiu Center greets you with towering hotel buildings, the greenest grass, vast ‘piata’s’ with in built water fountains and children running through them, giggling and playing. And as the sound of laughter fills the warm air, I look around me, families, couples, friends, chilling together, drinking iced lemonades, cold frappes, cocktails to cool them down in this sweltering heat. Nearly everyone is eating ice cream, of course, this weather always calls for an ice cream, or multipleWe must get some ice cream too. 

Ice creams in our hands, Ayan’s already beginning to melt down his mouth, we begin to walk, to explore. Somewhere along the way, hours later, day turns into night and the center is suddenly swarming with people, where did they all come from? The air screams excitement, summer, almost like the static electricity that runs through you when you go down a slide. It’s late evening and the open terraces are occupied to the brim with the chatter of people, eating, drinking, smoking, breathing the warm night air. Families are still out with their children and their puppies (summer nights are always endless with no bedtimes right)? 

We have been out the whole day, we are tired and the yellow city lights are bright against the dark night sky. The stars twinkling above us telling us it’s a sign that the day has come to and end and we must leave, but we don’t want to. The excitement turns into agitation, yet still, the love for this city, the vibes in the air overwhelms us and we decide. We will be back. Tomorrow. For Sure. For now, we must rest our souls, ready to explore more of beautiful Sibiu tomorrow.

For now, Goodnight!

See you on the next blog post with a video of the V I B E S going on in this beautiful place!

Chocolate Ice Cream Kisses from Sibiu XOXO



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