Climbing back up…

So I haven’t been present on the blog lately (personal reasons + so much stuff going on) but, from now onwards we’ve got a lot of new stuff happening in Life of a Chocolate Girl and I can’t wait to share it all with you! Climbing back up the WordPress ladder once again… 

On that note, as I say climbing back up, I would like to share that one of the ‘personal reasons’ was not a happy reason to why I’ve been off work lately and as time went on, I felt as though I’d lost myself a little, almost like sinking into a black hole and not finding yourself out (not a total depression here) but actually a sense of too much work and stress, and everything building up until you feel it’s all one big mess. So to restart my journey, I’d like to let my readers know that the biggest lesson I’ve learnt in my absence off – is not that you’re a failure for falling, but you will be a failure for not picking yourself up. I know so many of you can relate to this ozone absence of reality, although at the time you may feel alone, what I would like to say is don’t forget, it’s OK! And always remember to keep loving, laughing, smiling and living life! (Oh and don’t forget to keep visiting life of a chocolate girl) to see all the new surprises we are starting this summer on here! 
To fresh starts, new beginnings, I mean what the heck, life is ours, lets own it & cheers to that! 🍾

Reema ⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️

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