Easter on the East Side 

So a lot of you have seen on my social media that I celebrated Easter quite recently, a few of you thought was going crazy, and a few of you asked if it was any different to the way we celebrate Easter in England – over here in Romania, Orthodox Christianity is the main religion so their holiday dates vary. Although personally we are not a religious family, Easter is a very big deal on this side of the continent, in fact I think it is the most important celebration of the year. Hence, for 3 days, the country is cut off from the normal working way of things and in place the Easter spirit takes over and is celebrated with so many unique traditions, so many eggs, boiled eggs, so much cake and of course, too much chocolate…so I thought I’d put together a quick little blog post with some pics to give a you an overall idea 🐣🐂

This year Easter fell on the 1st May 2016, you know for sure that it’s Easter when at exactly 00.00 (midnight) church bells start ringing all over the city and priests voices can be heard reciting prayers through microphones, whilst congregations of people stand with lit candles until the end of the service tradition 1 

Next people will go home where so much lovely food has been prepared in the upcoming days to Easter tradition 2 and they will eat to their hearts content in the middle of the night. This has become more of a tradition of habit over the years, however, the real reason people do this is because for 40 days up until Easter the orthodox Christians fast (many of the older generation still do) within these 40 days of fasting they are not allowed to eat meat, or anything that comes from animals (basically a vegan diet). If you know about the Romanian cuisine, then you will also know this is a very hard task tradition 3. Oh, by the way before they are allowed to eat they will eat some bread and drink white wine given to them from the church tradition 4 and before eating they will say one to another ‘Hristos a înviat’ – to which the response will be ‘adevarat a înviat’. Translation: ‘Jesus has risen’- ‘true he has risen’ tradition 5.

After that, sleep comes (or so I assume it does- it did for us anyways!) – The next morning was followed by an Easter Egg hunt for Ayan personal tradition, Easter activities for toddlers, which just involved a whole load of paint and mess, dyeing boiled eggs tradition 6, oh and they also have this really awesome boiled egg game where you try and crack each others eggs, the egg which doesn’t crack but has cracked all the others is the winner (obviously), so that’s really fun too tradition 7. The rest of the day we then prepared the Easter meal, and enjoyed time with our little Easter bunny, eating too much cake and chocolate and generally just chilling about. I’m not sure what exactly we were supposed to be doing the following 2 days of Easter (if anything) but we just used those days to spend some good quality time together, watch films, walks in the sunshine and consume the rest of the Easter food which we had received over the days. 

That was pretty much our Easter with our little bunny, do you have any special Easter traditions? How did you spend yours? 🐣 

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