The Orthodox Detox

Over here on this side of the world, we are celebrating Easter 2016 on the 1st of May. In the most typical manner, this marks a goal post, as today is the 1st April, which means there is roughly just over 4 weeks, to shred and detox myself just in time for Easter and the 3 glorious days of consecutive celebration, good food, family, Easter activities and of course a few days off from the gym. Oh by the way, if any of you were wondering, the predominant religion here is Orthodox Christianity, therefore the days roughly vary compared to the typical date of Easter worldwide (I’m sure there’s a reason for this, I’ll make it my homework to find out why).

Anyways, back to what I was saying…1 month to go. To switch it up I’m gonna detox the ‘orthodox way’, let me explain; with a certain amount of weeks before people choose to fast until Easter for religious motives. This fasting consists of not consuming animals or anything from animals (essentially V E G A N). Whilst I personally am not religious, I thought it would be a good way to cleanse and join in with the cultural vibes around me, hitting two birds with one stone huh? 

So, updates, recipes, workouts, all the cool stuff will be posted daily, if there’s anything specifically you want to know, then comment or mail me. If you just wish to join me then grab a detox smoothie and join me here on the blog on my detox journey to the Orthodox Easter.