You should love yourself. 

There are a lot of things which society makes us believe are okay, then there are a lot of things society makes us believe are not okay. Recently it has come to my attention about how much of a sin we feel it is to publicly love ourselves. We are absolutely pushed by our peers and the people, community and society around us to be modest about our achievements, how we look or how we feel. Here, let me give you a dilemma…

– You’re feeling confident and great about yourself, tonight you really feel like you look amazing (and btw you do!), you head out to meet some girlfriends and one of them will compliment you… ‘Hey [insert name here] you’re looking so pretty tonight.’ What is your response?

  1. ‘Thank you, I feel great today, you look awesome too.’
  2. ‘Aww thank you, but you’re so much prettier.’

I know that most of us would pick the second option…but why? Why are we pressured to feel that even if we feel great, that actually stating how we feel is not allowed, that if we state how we really feel about ourselves, then we are being big headed. Modesty is not a bad thing, in any way or form at all, but what is bad is being made to feel that we have to be so modest we cannot freely express the positivity that may encapture our souls some days. We don’t always feel beautiful, positive or just generally great every day. Even the strong willed amongst us have our bad days where we will wake up lacking energy, negative and feeling generally ‘ugly’ all round. And you know what, those days are okay too, it’s human nature to go through changes, to feel different vibes, to experience emotions, feelings and sensations all around us. When you’re feeling down, grab a bucket of ice cream and watch a great movie because that’s okay, when you’re feeling beautiful, dress up and do what you do best…but most importantly of all, don’t hide yourself or your feelings, it’s okay to feel either end of a spectrum and you are human for doing so.

So next time you feel great, tell the world, take a selfie, accept the compliments, show the world in each of your own individual ways that you are feeling great and you are not ashamed of feeling this way. Modesty is not an option when it’s about self positivity. So look great, feel great, live great and postivity will spread. Because you ARE beautiful and you are entitled to feel that way.

Have a great day, a wonderful week and freely feel beautiful…


Feat: Dark Obsession for men by Calvin Klein 

                Hair by Andreea Bogatean 






 The Perfect Potion to create the happy child.

A buddy, a pal, an amigo, a friend, a bestie for life until the very end.

Spend half as much money, twice as much time, sing them a song, or even a nursery rhyme.

A hug when they cry, a soft cuddle whilst they  sleep, kiss their little toes, and tickle those tiny feet.

Hold them in your arms, yet let them run free, exploration of their senses, to smell, touch, feel and see.

Teach them to love, to share and to give, the power of kindness in this world which we live.

Express no posession, just unconditional love, they shall spread their wings wide, like those of a dove.

In times of need and when they cry, keep them close and wipe those tears dry.

Away from the screens, outdoors is more fun, to run and to play in fresh air and the sun.

Grow them and nurture them until the very end, our little angels, a little godsend. 

A pinch of respect, rules and some trust, loyalty and love, happiness is a must. 

Good morals and kindness, empathy too, a good base in life will see them through. 

Now lastly…

A teaspoon of guidance, a cup of delight, add some sweet sugar, a bit of brave spice, mix all of the above and the last bit too, stir it well, through and through, dear parents there you have it, the potion to…the happiest and sweetest child for you! 
Reema Moldovan. 









Total Cardio 

As promised, I mentioned before in the Orthodox detox post that I’d be posting some of my workouts, diet & recipes throughout the month…Well today I’m posting my total cardio for the first week of April: 01.04.2016 – 07.04.2016 

01.04 – 🏃30 minutes treadmill 

               🔥 382 calories burnt 

                5️⃣ Km ran

03.04 – 🏃57 minutes treadmill 

                🔥 708 calories burnt 

                 1️⃣0️⃣.1️⃣9️⃣ Km ran 

05.04 – 🏃56.3 minutes treadmill 

                🔥 603 calories burnt 

                 1️⃣0️⃣.9️⃣ Km ran 

07.04 – 🏃32 minutes treadmill 

                🔥361 calories burnt 

                 5️⃣.2️⃣5️⃣ Km ran 

As you can see in the first week of April, I completed 4 days of Cardio and my total cardio of the week was; 

                   TOTAL WEEK CARDIO

🏃175.3mins treadmill (2 hours 55 mins and 30 seconds) 

🔥2054 calories burnt 

3️⃣1️⃣.3️⃣4️⃣ Km ran 

Oh but please note you do not have to sweat it out on the treadmill, other types of activities count as cardio, including walking my cute little puppy Clifford – pictured below (story about his name is saved for another day), I may be biased, but isn’t he just the cutest? 

Last but not least, if you were wondering about this absolutely gorgeous rose gold hair colour that totally fits in with the spring blossom vibe, then it was achieved by my hair dresser Andreea Bogatean. You can find her on fb + insta under this name, as so many people have asked me for the deets about this hair but I really have no idea! She’s the magic maker, so check her out 😀

I wish you all a wonderful weekend! 




Oh and meanwhile on snapchat… Reema.Karina 👻


Oats ‘n’ Berries

Goooood morning! So as we all know a quick, clean breakfast idea that’s got the carbs (the good kind), the antioxidants and a great taste is always a great way to kick start your day. So I thought this morning I’d give you guys a quick breakfast idea and show you what I’m eating this sunny morning. You ready to make it with me? Just simply throw in some quick cooking oats with milk of preference – (today it is coconut milk for me, yum!); some frozen berries for a crunch and a sprig of mint to finish it off with a fresh, great after taste. Simple right? It probably takes quicker to make it then it does to write about it.

So don’t forget, next time you don’t know what to make for breakfast try some of these delicious oats and berries 🍒




The Orthodox Detox

Over here on this side of the world, we are celebrating Easter 2016 on the 1st of May. In the most typical manner, this marks a goal post, as today is the 1st April, which means there is roughly just over 4 weeks, to shred and detox myself just in time for Easter and the 3 glorious days of consecutive celebration, good food, family, Easter activities and of course a few days off from the gym. Oh by the way, if any of you were wondering, the predominant religion here is Orthodox Christianity, therefore the days roughly vary compared to the typical date of Easter worldwide (I’m sure there’s a reason for this, I’ll make it my homework to find out why).

Anyways, back to what I was saying…1 month to go. To switch it up I’m gonna detox the ‘orthodox way’, let me explain; with a certain amount of weeks before people choose to fast until Easter for religious motives. This fasting consists of not consuming animals or anything from animals (essentially V E G A N). Whilst I personally am not religious, I thought it would be a good way to cleanse and join in with the cultural vibes around me, hitting two birds with one stone huh? 

So, updates, recipes, workouts, all the cool stuff will be posted daily, if there’s anything specifically you want to know, then comment or mail me. If you just wish to join me then grab a detox smoothie and join me here on the blog on my detox journey to the Orthodox Easter.