International Women’s / Mothers Day & a bittersweet moment for a mama. 

If you’re a mother then you already know that having children is the most bittersweet experience which you will ever have the pleasure of embracing in your life. By this, I mean every single step of the way from the very day our dear children are born we find ourselves constantly looking forward to the next step, the next milestone, the next new thing they will do tomorrow. Yet at the same time, every time we reach that unspoken tomorrow we find ourselves wondering when did time pass by so quickly? When did our little baby grow so big? We find ourselves almost wishing we could have the ‘before’ days, just for a few moments more. 

Sometimes specific moments or milestones can be a shock factor, for me as a mother, last week was one of these moments…my little baby (or better said toddler) started nursery this month. On his first day there, I found myself wondering when did the past 14 months fly by? I still see him as the little 3.45kg newborn as I hold him in my arms everyday, I normally find myself wishing these sleepless nights will end soon, that soon I’ll have time for myself, but I found his first day of nursery changed all this. I found myself wanting to cherish every moment with my little love, the diapers, the sleepless nights, the breastfeeding…because one day he’ll grow up, spread his wings and fly out of our little nest in which we’ve raised him in. One day I won’t hear his cries or his laughter filling the empty spaces of my house, soon he’ll grow and won’t leave toys lying around for me to trip over and nearly break a bone every time. Soon he’ll grow into a beautiful child that won’t demand to be breastfed whilst I’m trying to do something important, he’ll be too big and tall for me to carry around the supermarket whilst trying simultaneously to push the massive trolley of shopping around at the same time, even if I would wish to do so. So without pushing boundaries into ‘spoiling’ your child, take 5 mins from the housework to simply hold, smell and kiss your baby as you breastfeed him in the last few months, carry her around the supermarket for a few minutes when she wants to be in your arms, cuddle him in your bed and fall asleep with him curled up into your arms, just one day all of this won’t be possible. You won’t be able to hold your 30 year old son or daughter in your lap and have them sleep on you, however ridiculous it sounds, it almost sounds just as ridiculous to not do these things whilst they’re so tiny and small! So don’t let all these other mothers who swear that they do everything so ‘correctly’ have an impact on the upbringing which you give your child, we can rest assured that even these ‘perfect’ mothers have their own guilty pleasures too! And by the way, who invented the ‘correct’ way of motherhood anyways? Correct to me, is doing what is correct for my child – and that is doing what makes us all happy within boundaries so that our days can pass by in harmony…

I’ve learnt to cherish all these moments and every second of them, because one day we will grow old, and we will have so much time to ourselves we won’t know what to do with it. In those days we will find ourselves  wishing back those baby days, so let’s live, love, laugh, cry and curse (in our heads), cherish every great moment as well as every hard moment that comes with being a mother. As in the end when we look retrospectively, it’s been an awesome journey through motherhood, that will never end,  but it is oh so worth it! 

To end it, here is my little baby, and wish to all of you for a happy International Women’s Day/Mothers Day to all you beautiful mothers around the globe! 

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