Fb Update: Why is raising my child so hard? 

It’s really upsetting to see so many mothers on my newsfeed who complain non-stop about their sleepless nights, children having tantrums, lack of ‘freedom’, ‘sacrifices’ etc.
I think many of these mothers need a severe reality check. Because as of the moment you got pregnant YOU chose to take this responsibility for life (or at least the next 18 years) and I’m sorry for you if you genuinely believed your child would be born without tantrums, sleepless nights, teething, growth spurts, so on and so forth. It is ridiculous to be that absurd to continuously write statuses complaining about your children, like really, how would they feel if they were able to read those status’? Like a burden? Like you’re fed up of them? They’re humans just like us, they’re children, they’re YOUR children, all the hard times are part of development and growing up and they have hard times and good times just like every single human does on this planet Earth.
So please, quit writing horrible, cra*** status’ complaining about your children. If your life is that hard with them, then use protection and stop reproducing!!! We made children for them to be loved and protected, and to be proud of, not for their own parents to write grumbling, complaining status’ for a little bit of attention or sympathy from the rest of their friends list, or for the world to know they woke up at 5am this morning. No one cares, and another reality check? It’s not just YOU that wakes up at 5am in the morning. At least you get to wake up to your child. Many people out there in worse conditions wake up to go to work, or work in horrible conditions and wish they could wake up to their children. Many women cannot have children and would do anything to be able to have a child to wake up to at all hours of the night! ALL parents go through what you do, suck it up and deal with it, it was YOUR choice to be pregnant and have a child. So please QUIT COMPLAINING. 
Okay so I know times get hard, you get fed up, you’re only human too you say? Trust me I know, I have a child too. But talk about it with your partner, your mother your best friend, heck, there are even special forums for mothers to compare notes and give each other advice…do not publicly broadcast a status complaining about your child on a social networking site. Does that make the child look bad? No, the only person that does look bad is you. 

These hard times won’t be forever, and our children do not merit status’ written by their parents complaining about them day in and day out. How would you feel if your mother writes status’ about you complaining about what an annoying daughter you are? Because I’m sure our mothers do find us just as annoying at this age too. How would you feel logging into facebook and seeing this today *’25 years later… And my daughters actions give me sleepless nights, just as they did from the day she was born.’* Youre probably laughing at this point thinking ‘whaaaat, the author of this blog is ridiculous and crazy.’ Well I’m sorry to say, but that’s how ridiculous it seems to me Every.Single.God.Damn.Time I see a mother write a Facebook status complaining about her child. I don’t think you’d like it either… So please, refrain from the pathetic facebook statuses because it’s really unfair to your child!

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Sleepless* Mama Moldovan  XOX 

*Yes, those amongst us who do not feel the need to write ugly facebook status’ about our children are just as sleepless as you are too! 🙂

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