Never trust a Beauty Blogger – 5 lies that a beauty blogger will tell you.

I don’t know how far this blog post will get. But however, I do want to say is I have written this post to raise awareness, especially for the younger generation of girls I see who are following these ‘new generation beauty bloggers.’ This is not a hate post, but an awareness post.

Do you have a favourite beauty blogger? Does she/he tell you which creams to use to get that glowing, sun kissed skin? Which shoes to wear with those jeans? What the latest fashionable hair colour is?

I love fashion/beauty blogs, I like to see what’s new this season, or maybe find some make up/ hair inspiration. Even find out where my favourite blogger bought that to-die-for neon bright pink leather jacket from (just kidding). However, we’ve reached a point in time where people of today, ‘ordinary people’ can be on the same social networking level as ‘the famous people’. By that I mean, we can follow  a popular/famous person on their personal Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, following their daily lives and keeping up to date with their daily updates. Nowadays, that’s just as great as physical contact right?!

However, recently I’ve been seeing girls younger and younger and younger like the age of 10/11?!? Obsessively following these beauty bloggers and writing comments on how perfect they are, how beautiful they are and how they wish they could be just like them.

Here’s the thing, I believe a beauty blogger should be the type of writer who’s blog you read, gain tips and make yourself feel beautiful, however, I’ve been noticing that as time goes on many beauty bloggers I see actually make themselves seem so beautiful and everyone else to the point of insecurity that they want to be just like them! I’ve had conversations with multiple girls on how this blogger does this, this blogger does that until I just wanted to scream THAT’S NOT TRUE.

As I said.. I don’t know how far this blog will get, but my purpose in writing this particular blog post is to raise awareness of the fact that not all beauty bloggers are ‘perfect’ and actually from personally knowing a few many of them do lie.. A hell of a lot of the time. Lastly, I strongly believe in today’s day and time (many not all) are not exactly the best role models for the younger and younger girls of our generation who ARE having easier and easier access to social media ‘role models’.

LIE NO. 1 – The skincare routines. 

How many beauty bloggers do you know that have a morning skin routine, an evening skin routine, a post workout skin routine, a pre workout one. Oh let’s not forget their middle of the day and afternoon ones too. Are we for real? I mean do you really believe all beauty bloggers spend so many hours of the day wiping, washing, cleansing, toning and moisturizing their face at every opportunity? Do they not do other stuff with their day except for taking care of the glowing, beautiful, (actually photoshopped) skin? Think about this realistically, do they come home from a drunken night out, barely able to climb the stairs, YET, instead of flopping on the bed in a happy state to reminisce their wonderful evening with friends, they actually go to the bathroom and spend half an hour at 3am carrying out their bedtime skincare routine? Nope, I don’t think so either. However, if they did do this, then please, don’t tell me you’d looove to be the boyfriend of that girl, lying in bed waiting for her to finish her facial routine before FINALLY joining you in bed. It’s all a bit too vain isn’t it?

LIE NO.2 – The perfect make-up 

Every single picture on her instagram is. Just. So. Perfect. Why does she always have this flawless make-up everyday? Why are you just too damn lazy to wake up at dawn just so you can get your make-up on point and your contouring flawless, just so that you can look as perfect everyday as your fave beauty blogger. HOW does she manage to do this everyday but normal, average people like you don’t? The answer? She doesn’t. Yeah, you read that correct. That perfect, oh so beautiful blogger, with her oh so perfect look does not, I repeat DOES NOT look like that every day. The only difference between you and her is, that she is so vain, insecure and up herself that she will never, ever, ever post a pic of her on social media without ten tons of foundation smothered all over her face. Oh, she takes it so far that she wouldn’t even dare step out the house dressed like the ‘average’ person. I mean c’mon haven’t we all forgotten she’s human? She’s a beauty blogger she’ll even have an outfit to go to the corner shop and call it ‘My casual every day, just popping to the store to buy bread look.’ – and she’ll even blog about it too. Chances are THIS is why you never see her out and about looking anything other than fabulous. Because she has reached the point of all shallowness that she believes personally, that if she doesn’t look like she has just stepped out of a magazine then she has to camp out in her house all day away from the rest of us humans.

LIE NO.3 – Water makes her skinny. 

So as the days pass, beauty bloggers just seem to get thinner and thinner…and thinner. Followers, fans all notice this and in turn will ask these bloggers, ‘How did you lose so much weight? Please write a blog post for us about this!’ Then, a few days later a new blog post will appear online and it will either be one of the following titles:-

  • Drinking Lemon in warm water made me skinny
  • Drinking 2litres of water made me skinny
  • Lemon and Mint in water made me skinny
  • I drink a glass of water a day and I lost 10 stone.

Okay, so how stupid do you think we all are? You do not eat all that junk you take pics of and post on insta, drink a glass of water and  then drop that cupcake right off your thighs. It’s quite fairly obvious you watch what you eat. Whilst there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, in fact it’s something I truly admire, I never understood what the point is in lying about it? Secondly, exception of watching what you eat, some of those stick thin beauty bloggers out there are literally at the point of starvation and they’ve apparently lost so much mass in their brain as well as from their body they really think they’re fooling all they’re ‘fans’ in believing they have a BMI of like 10….from drinking a glass of warm water and lemon in the morning.

LIE NO.4 – The ‘bedhead’ situation.

On some days these beauty bloggers will post a pic and the caption will be something along the lines of ‘messy hair day’, ‘natural look’, ‘casual’. You know what? I don’t even need to write about this. Click on your youtube app, type in ‘messy hair tutorials.’, and there’s your answer for you. Chances are, these beauty bloggers put so much hair spray, wax, gel, goop whatever you want to call it for creating all these cool and fabulous looks everyday, it could be almost guaranteed that their absolutely natural hair is a bleached, damaged mess and when they wake up it really looks like a bird nest. But thank God for messy hair tutorials on youtube right?

LIE NO.5 – The salon statement.

Beauty bloggers basically earn their living by being ambassadors for beauty products (hence the name duh), however, they will genuinely lie to you and tell you that all their waxing, eyebrow plucking, hair cutting is done by themselves at home and that’s ‘what makes their life so simple.’ Whilst yet again, I see nothing wrong in being an ambassador and trying out all these products then giving a review about them, do not lie and IMPLY YOU LOOK THAT GOD DAMN GOOD FROM HOME! You’re simply giving all these poor girls who idolise you false hope. Alongside false, these beauty bloggers are actually causing natural disasters at home, like people ripping half their arm skin off when actually they were just trying to wax they’re arm hair off (because so and so blogger said that’s what she does every day at home). In actual reality, beauty bloggers spend a majority of they’re lives in salons achieving that perfect look, to then come home, film a vlog and tell you how they got this look from this ah-mazing product off the shelf of their nearest supermarket. – Yes I am very personally agitated by this lie as I ripped half my eyebrow off at 15 all because a beauty blogger told me that waxing at home was easy done in 3 simple steps, then I saw her at the local salon getting her eyebrows threaded by a proffesional.. (but that’s another story).

Anyways. the moral of this story is: Be real. Be imperfect. Be you. – Oh and don’t forget…

…Never trust a Beauty Blogger. 

3 thoughts on “Never trust a Beauty Blogger – 5 lies that a beauty blogger will tell you.

  1. Love this! Thank you for pointing this out. Beauty blogs used to be fun and helpful, nowadays many girls with HD quality cameras are either doing ideas already done or being too unrealistic to the point where I want to scream.


    1. I think it’s very much that they’re setting a too high standard for the every day girl and putting ‘beauty’ before everything else that matters!


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