Star Sign Sunday ✨ – The Aquarius Husband

So today is a Sunday, no one wants to be serious on a Sunday, everyone is actually so lazy on a Sunday, so this blog post is a little bit of fun, a light read, and today it is dedicated to my wonderful husband Mihai (The Aquarius Husband). 

So legend says that an Aquarius husband is the most faithful and devoted of all in a marriage, except for the fact that they might have a few problems in accepting the new sort of life that the marriage will have to offer. (True

‘A liberal and an independant this man is intent on making the world a better place.’ 

Aquarians are not at all possessive and in no way consider their spouse to be an object to be owned. So they are cool with any sort of jealousy-related issues. This is because they have a great amount of respect and adoration for their loved ones, and respect their values, emotions and moral standards even though they might not approve of them. (True

He really is a genius when it comes to thoughts and new ideas.’ 

A hot hearted man who likes to do things his own way, so if you do fall in love with him it’ll require a lot of patience to follow him and his creative mind. (True

So an Aquarius man it seems isn’t really a water boy, and it would be a mistake to assume so, with a positive outlook on life and a true commitment to humanity, the Aquarius man is one to love and to keep forever, just as I do mine! ❤️ 
Happy end of weekend guys, and let’s keep loving those hunky Aquarius men in our lives! 

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