MYLIFEology – An update. πŸ“

MYLIFEology’ – 

  • My life’ – specifically relating to Life of a Chocolate Girl
  • ‘ology’ – study of. 

A rainy, grey evening, I’m putting my now sixth month old teething baby to sleep and I’ve given up.

What I mean to say is I’ve given up on waiting for the perfect 10 minutes to myself to write a new blog post (I’ve realized I’ll be waiting forever). 

Time is forever flying, days are going by, my blog post statistics are dry & I’m sitting here wondering why. Wait that rhymes, I’ve obviously gone crazy! 

Okay, on a serious note I am not more crazy than I was, but this is a quick update blog post to let you all know I’m okay, I haven’t been abducted by aliens or anything and also to update you on what’s been happening in my life since I made that blasted (but amazing) berry cookie…

Well a ton of developmental things have been happening with my baby boy, he’s sitting on his own, has a tooth and much more.. I will write some mama blog posts about that. 

I have invented some new and amazing RECIPES!!!! (Vegan, paleo, you know the deal)…will add some new recipes onto the blog. 

I have been on vacation to Venice, San Marino, Italy (hence a major reason why no blogging)… Will post a vacation blog post so that you can browse through my holiday with me!

And lastly I gained a couple of pounds (major sad face) – I am now 49kg (7st10), I want to lose about 3/4lbs, so anyone who wants to do that with me??!!…I’ll blog post the weight loss journey too! 
So my question to you guys..


Seriously need some help here, I have so much to choose from!

Mail me, comment, oh and don’t forget to subscribe πŸ˜€
With love, 

(Oh and here’s a quick snap of my cutie and how big he’s grown!!) 


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